1. sherabfri says:

    you guys make me laugh and cry
    Its JC and JB. jesus john im a . f…n..buddhist….
    found the light on the internet
    via the apple ?
    yuz arz ….inspirational…….

  2. TheMadronas says:

    Throw in SBO’s (homeostatic soil bacteria like ‘Body Biotics’) and agressive lactobacillus (ThreeLac) and watch the progress acclerate.

  3. SusanBessette says:

    I check this site daily to see when Dave will be on again. Congratulations on your success. What are you doing to do with your new life now the death sentence has been lifted?

  4. Congrats Dave! Keep it up brother. 🙂

  5. capedchameleon says:

    this is really cool. I wish my parent didn’t suck at english so they could watch this. I think they would relate to this much more then what I say.

  6. Blackbeltbty1 says:

    Go Dave! I am really proud to see you on here doing the damn thang! I come on weekly to find out what point you are at and I am rooting for you all the way! Peace and Blessings on your journey

  7. Blackbeltbty1 says:

    Dont talk to dr’s about raw foodism, they are against it totally….Remember, we live in America where pharmaceuticals and research are conglomerates! Its money in being sick in this country. The way I look at it is that if your near death anyway, why not try the alternative and live! Peace and Blessings

  8. Blackbeltbty1 says:


  9. spottyman says:

    great work dave as for the colonics each to their own but in my view its not needed i guess the third eye you talk about my be due to the O2 that is crossing the intestinal tract

  10. spottyman says:

    dave no oils mate olive oil will promote coronary artery disease just the same as butter ” DR Esselstyn

  11. ACEBAKER911 says:

    In this chaotic world of Greed, Abuse, Mental disorders, dis honesty, selfishness, exploiting etc.

    Dan and Dave are such a down to earth welcome change ! These guys are Amazing, Dave is such an Inspiration , If this world is ever Restored to Sanity and a Natural Beneficial enviornment with regard to true health, it will be because of great compassionate caring Men like Dan and Dave

  12. joyousabundance says:

    I say “I’m mostly vegan” just so that I can give myself that leave way.

  13. screenflicker1 says:

    it is unbelievable what this man has to say! He’s basically proving the entire medical science wrong?!

  14. iloveyourstory says:

    Matt Monarch is annoying lol

  15. liferegenerator says:

    Water is inserted into the rectum (your ass) and then it flushes all the old nasty crap (shit) out of said ass and you feel better instantly! 😀

  16. Thanks Dan, I was wondering if there is anyway you could make a video talking about the benefits that raw foods can have on Depression problems. I suffer from Deep depression and Social Phobia and any insight from you would help alot.
    Thanks Alot bro. Much Love

    p.s. When i drink fresh veggie juice i feel much happier and seem to be more outgoing.

  17. liferegenerator says:

    Brandon keep on drinking the living juices and eating the living foods and thinking the living thoughts! Add positive thoughts to your mind like “I am happy now” and slowly over time your mind will change! It helps to have the living energy flowing through your body so detox and get your endocrine glands functioning by cleaning them out with juices raw foods and fasting! I will be here praying for you every step of the way! You can do it! 😀

  18. stake sounds real good right about now.i am eating healthy but not all raw food. i do eat some meat manly birds. of crose veges and fruits, and nuts.I fell much better giving my body what it needs to be healthy and to work should take cores out fruit when i blend them in a blinder?

  19. Thanks Dan, your words of motivation are worth more than gold to me. I will keep my head up high and keep on keepin on. Thanks again bro. Love ya.


  20. lauriem1967 says:

    Thanks Dave, I love you man! You keep me encouraged!

  21. viveleraw says:

    When you juice feast for long periods of time don’t you miss the fiber?

  22. Dan & Dave-
    Thank you so, so very much for your videos.
    I am grateful for all that you guys share here, your both courageous & inspiring. I met you both at a raw food meet up I went to and your spirits are truly awesome. Keep up the beautiful work.
    Blessings x3 return to you both 😉
    Love, Tammy D.

  23. GHarrisonFan says:

    I think this might be my favorite Dave video.

  24. detroitslight says:

    wow this vid has really open up my eyes i’m going to start on monday do i have to buy all organic foods?

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