1. liferegenerator says:

    Just fruits vegetables nuts and seeds!

  2. All the time? So no carbs at all??
    Or just like this in “fasts” ? (once in a while i mean)


  3. liferegenerator says:

    No carbs! Juices and raw food recipes!

  4. WOW! :O
    so you don’t eat eggs and cheese too… umm..
    so really VEGAN kinda?

    my respect to you!
    I try to eat a bit more healthy (which is in fact eating some vegs and fruits, which already is a succes for me 😉 hehe)
    And drinking water….

    I am interested in raw foods and more fruits/vegs. Thank you for inspiring!

    btw: no carbs at all…so umm…. you get all your needed stuff?
    In vegtables are carbs, right?
    hmmm… i still have a lot to learn about food.
    Thank you

  5. liferegenerator says:

    Carbs come from fruit!

  6. greenrocketfuel says:

    I trust and love all of you . No need to apologize for any thing ,stay cool -stay strong- stay lining AAA+++

  7. emeraldsunsets says:

    Raw vegetables fruits and nuts are good carbs. They are complex carbs. Bread and pasta are bad carbs. They are simple carbs. Anything that is processed, such as ground up, filtered, cooked, etc. is NOT raw.

    I tried to be raw, I ended up extremely b12 and vitamin D anemic. The anemia made me exhausted. It isn’t for everyone. I am just regular vegetarian right now.

  8. panzerrune says:

    This is amazing. I’ve been interested in doing a raw food diet for a while and this really motivates me. My only question is, do you get enough protein from the nuts and seeds?

  9. liferegenerator says:

    You get plenty of AMINO ACIDS on the raw food diet! Your body cannot use protein…

  10. 1dsunhope says:

    when is dave going on some mainstream tv show? he is a great inspiration, he is just a normal joe.

  11. Thank you for these segments. I love that you cleared up the pounds loss time 16 months. 12-16 months you lost it, your enthusiasum is enough for me. You are teaching me. I am obese working towards 100lbs weight loss. Thank you

  12. RachelMarie81 says:

    I went Vegan in March 2009…stuck with it for about 5 months…haven’t done so well lately, but am interested in going raw, mainly for health reasons. It’s important to know that as vegetarian and especially as vegan it’s very difficult to get the B12 that you need. You need to take a B12 supplement, and as for the Vitamin D…just step out into the sunshine. 🙂

  13. thatbastardson says:

    depends on where you get your b-12 from. you can’t spirulina and chlorella are both raw plants, and have more than enough b-12.

  14. katiatomsk says:

    OK, so I am overweight. For a week I have been adding raw foods I like. One week later, I am almost eating all raw. I can’t stand the taste of cooked food and crave the raw.

    Is that normal?

    Also, today I tried to eat a regular meal and the slim that was formed in my mouth, made it all come back up. Is that normal or is my body rejecting the cooked food just for now?

  15. liferegenerator says:

    Raw food is real food! You are right on schedule! 😀

  16. katiatomsk says:

    liferegenerator: thanks for your comment. I see my thinking was wrong about raw food not being normal food. Really, raw food is the greatest normal food, I sold out to the thinking of processed food being normal.

    I decided to eat like any other Thanksgiving holiday. I feel tired and brought down. So, I will start tomarrow fresh on real “normal” raw food again.

  17. DauntlessDiva says:

    Dave, you are RAWesome!!! Keep it up!

  18. quietstorm403 says:


    b12 is a very controversial issue, Many raw vegans claim to NEVER need any b12 supplement and are doing fantastic , are very Healthy

    Dan is one of them, alot of b12 supplements are animal based food

  19. montsyblackmadonna says:

    Dave,how bad was your kidney’s,what percent of functioning were you at before the raw foods,and what is your kidney functioning now.
    My mother has type 2 diabetes,and has bad kidneys,at about 25 to 30 percent functioning,do you know if the raw food diet can reverse her kidney damage or is damage beyond repair.

  20. montsyblackmadonna says:


    Vitamin D mostly comes from the sun not food !

  21. liferegenerator says:

    Dave was dying! Your mom can get well with raw foods and green juices!!!

  22. montsyblackmadonna says:

    I am trying so hard to convince her that the raw food diet is the way,
    I am very frustrated,she is in the hospital right now,the hospital food is posion,
    she went into kidney failure at christmas and she has diabetes,and had her leg amputated,and has now had 4 heart attacks,
    I am trying to save her life,
    we don’t have much money,
    and I feel overwhelmed.

    I switched to an organic vegan 90% to 100% raw diet about 9 months ago.

  23. nightmathzombieethan says:

    I don’t know if I could live an “all vegan” lifestyle but I can easily see myself being 99% vegetarian! I am presently overweight (260) 6’3″ I should be 200-210. I have been hospitalized for high blood pressure and my dr says that my weight is one of the major causes. While I could see myself quickly switching my diet, what would you suggest for the basics? I think I would have to go grocery shopping and just buy a crapload of fruits/veggies… I guess I just don’t know where to start?

  24. liferegenerator says:

    @nightmathzombieethan Fruit for breakfast! Salads for lunch!

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