1. Hey Dave, make a new video. PLEASE>

  2. liferegenerator says:

    From the invisible life force, my friend! Can you dig it? 😀

  3. Digishire says:

    Excellent video! Thanks for sharing your story Dave!

  4. materidouska286 says:

    Very nice vid.

  5. bludamsel says:

    Congratulations, Dave! You are such an inspiration! I hope this message gets out there to help lots of sick and unhappy people. Love and light to you!

  6. nunofyourblissness says:

    Wow, impressive!

  7. Dan is so hot in this video!!! Just the right amount of facial hair.

    Dave is a strong brother! He made his point made in a clear way. Inspirational!

  8. The Lord Bless you. Very Inspirational.

  9. therawfooddiet says:

    Did not think I would be able to see a great video like this! Thanks for sharing this one. PLease take a look of my video 🙂

  10. rzarzarzarza84 says:

    Wow, that incredible,
    your amazing!

  11. brainsteww says:

    when you say juicing, do you mean ONLY drinking juice? or does added juice to your diet help no matter what?

    btw, awesome job 🙂

  12. liferegenerator says:

    It can mean both. Juicing is good to have as part of your daily diet (1-2 juices/day). Juicing is also good to once in awhile do what is called a “juice fast” or a “juice feast,” where you are only drinking juice (for just a few days in a row, though). Hope this helps! 😀

  13. brainsteww says:

    ok, thanks for clearing that up 🙂
    i just got a juicer and i like carrot/green apple. what’s the best “green” to add?

  14. DoItYourselfGuy says:

    Thanks Dave, very inspirational, great testimony!

  15. raincrow88 says:

    Totally inspirational. Thank you for sharing

  16. thekassandracomplex says:

    Blessing from Athens Dave and Dan!

  17. @brainsteww Hi! You can use any green you like, but a tip is fresh spinach. It is very green, has fine nutrients and not so much taste. Good to start with when you are getting used to greens! I like celery (google Apium graveolens var. dulce). Any type of cabbage (kale) is also a good tip. When you add more greens to your drink, try to spice with lemon or lime and when you are ready to spcie more try a little ginger. It is lovely!

  18. bardoville says:

    Now, THAT’S amazing…

  19. gailcoe50 says:

    Wow, Totally inspirational!! Thanks for sharing and God bless you and continue to inspire and heal you!

  20. Hunggar20 says:

    Dave being on a raw food diet do you or can you dehydrate your food or will it kill the nutrients in the food?

  21. janetisobel says:

    Dave…. thanks so much… wished i had known about this before as my hubby passed away with cancer and a young age…..i enjoyed watching your video and you look like a real teddy bear,,, charming and adorable…keep up the good work

  22. streetmentalist says:

    @Hunggar20 The Dehydrator should not kill the enzymes or nutrients in the food, unless it’s a bad quality one. You can monitor the temperature.

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