1. litebug12345 says:

    I started taking Levodyn because i was keen to bring my blood pressure down without resorting to prescription medicine. i have been taking it for less than 4 weeks but have already noticed a change. Before taking Levodyn my blood pressure was 152/86, it is now 128/76. i am really impressed.

  2. Do you get a lot of hateful comments on here? I just wonder because as a vegetarian, I constantly get negative attention for it. I didn’t see any flame wars here so I wondered…

  3. darrylmance74 says:

    my wife showed me this video on a dvd a week ago, I NEVER thought I would stop eating meat. since I saw it me, my wife and children stop eating meat, this video is much longer than this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  4. We raise grass fed grass finished beef, we treat our cattle humanely, and do everything we can to avoid stressing them. Natural grass fed beef is healthy and has many aminoacids that are unavailable from a pure plant based diet. We are good stewards of our land. We are not some evil big business. I respect an individuals choice to be Vegan. I agree that factory farming is unsustainable and unhealthy, but that statement includes the large scale production of fruits and vegetables.

  5. plumevine says:

    Plant foods contain all of the aminoacids you find in animal foods, and of higher quality, simply by eating a varied quantity of these. Each type of plant does not contain all of them, but together, a varied quantity will supply them all and non-cancer inducing. Animal products are the fuel that fires cancer to life, along with many other diseases. I, like many, overcame disease by eliminating animal products from my diet.

    Read “The China Study” and get informed on the facts.

  6. plumevine says:

    I am so happy to hear this, best of health to you 🙂

  7. AppleSouffle says:

    From Doctor HL Abrams:

    The vegetarians of Southern India have the highest rate of suicide on the planet. They also have the shortest life span of any society on Earth, and their bodies have an extremely low muscle mass. They are weak and frail and the children clearly exhibit a failure to thrive. Their heart disease rate is double that of the meat eaters in Northern India.

    HL Abrams. Vegetarianism Journal of Applied Nutrition, 1980, 32:2:53-87

  8. Learning1000 says:

    Cured cancer naturally, 34 years melanoma-free and counting! Jaquie Davison Cancer Winner

  9. Junk science no studies to support what they say

  10. GoodcatchM says:

    If you buy the book, The Rave Diet, by this Mike Anderson, you will see foot notes galore. The doctors featured in the dvd, Eating, and the aforementioned book are from the world renowned heart hospital, The Cleveland Clinic. Your remark that this is “Junk science” is based on your viewing of a 6 minute snippet from a full length documentary. That is like offering a movie review after seeing no more than the coming attraction trailer. Read the book and see the full movie before you judge.

  11. The Cleveland Clinic does not endorse the rave diet . No where in the world has a plant based diet been proven to be successfull.Look at the high rates of breast cancer in women on a low fat diet.

  12. xxxBeatriceKiddoxxx says:

    Equaarto, I see you believe everything they tell you. You probably think flouride is good for you and that it’s perfectly normal for mercury to be in vaccinations and melamine to be in baby formula. Wake up E, they want you to stay sick in need of constant medical care and drugs…DUH! Ask yourself who stands to gain from trying to disprove that a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables is “junk” science? Oh wait…you’re probably a doctor! Oh, now I see.

  13. Mercury in dental fillings what a scare scam that was . Yes but true , go to Quachwatch and educate yourself see who started the scam.There is no science to support a fruit and vegetable diet as best in fact the opposite is true, your body works better with some nutrition from meat.

  14. denverreid says:

    Great great great DVD, I ordered it and it changed my life. The one thing you can not argue with is no animal products—–to high cholesterol. Anderson has done a service for all of us by bringing this matter to our consciousness. I feel I am much healthier and that the planet is much healthier with my new diet.

  15. Joewillsetitright says:

    Equaarto, your comments are ignorant and unrefined. Take the time to do the research or keep your dumb comments to yourself.
    Becoming Vegan is eliminating meat, dairy, and refined sugars and carbohydrates. What you eat is raw uncooked fruits and vegetables with no added anything. This creates an alkaline environment and sickness cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Research “alkaline diet”

  16. brocknjaime says:

    What about moderation folks? I feel The Rave Diet has some strong points but it doesn’t mean you have to take every word for truth. I know the values my body gains from meat. But, I do appreciate the information from the book.
    People are always looking to fight…

  17. Joewillsetitright . Look at all the new research from the AHA (American Heart Ass.) 46,000 people studied .That clearly shows the benefits of good fats and meat in your diet .The rave diet does not have enough research behind it to validate it’s claims

  18. blunderbus21 says:

    Eat wild hunt. Wild game is free range, vegitarian fed, hormone & antibiotic free, radiation free and very lean. Get some excercise, teach a child one of the most natural-time honored traditions known to man. Enjoy your life.

  19. ignorant and undefined… HA! read what you wrote!

  20. 2012stargirl says:

    The natural process of the decay of flesh is WORMS AND PARASITES… This also occurs inside your body when you consume animal flesh- it rots! It decays !..Meat has to be cooked to “charcoal black ” to kill worms, eggs, and parasites in animal flesh.. The plant based diet is the ONLY way to prevent disease in the body..

  21. AtheistBrit says:

    Bullshit. Meat isn’t in your body long enough for that to happen. Meat is immediately processed by enzymes in the stomach, THAT’s how it’s digested. In fact, plant-based products are harder to digest because the protein isn’t as close to proteins needed by the body (so takes more stages to digest). Cellulose can’t even be digested by the body so the majority of plant material passes straight through.
    A balanced diet is key. Eat too much of anything and it’s bad.

  22. Actually, Brit, the transit time for meat from mouth to exit point, is 14 days. You are right about some of the plant material, however, fiber is one of the main benefits of a plant based diet. There are also variations of the transit time depending on whether the beef you eat is grass-fed or grain-fed. Just a thought for you.

  23. AtheistBrit says:

    14 days, ok. Still, digestive juices are working on it the whole time, it certainly doesn’t “rot” in your system as it would if were sitting outside the body.
    And I’m certainly not disputing that we all need more plants in our diet (fresh fruit and veg is definitely very good for you!). Thanks for the info. 🙂

  24. LitwinOnTour says:

    and they used to hate us RAVERS in the 80s.

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