PSA: Hunter Sego — Indiana Youth Advocate

15 Responses to PSA: Hunter Sego — Indiana Youth Advocate

  1. ljbron23 says:

    hunter you are awesome. and so cute. do you know you are the same age as my daughter shannon.

  2. AdvocateMommy says:

    So proud of you. You are an amazing young man.

  3. drumboy2468 says:

    What an incredible and articulate young man. I find his story inspiring. Diabetes is so hard.

  4. cjtorline says:

    This is a great family – I am so proud of all of them…especially Hunter. What a great video showing what one can do to make the world a better place!

  5. ktsff69 says:

    Hunter this video shows everyone that you are just a regular kid. I know your message has inspired me to educate myself about this disease. I hope people will step up to help with funding to find a cure. Way to go and keep it up !!!!!! What a special young man you are to share your story.

  6. susifl says:

    I met Hunter at Call to Congress this May. We discussed the DVD the ADA made at one of his D.C. visits. We spoke about school troubles at a previous school & how this video explains his fight for accommodations. It moved me to hear Hunter on how his new school Lydia Middleton allowing full accommodation. Thank you for inspiring the fight to gain rights in our own schools-we are so proud of your advocacy work. To Hunter’s school & classmates, Kudos for a job well done.

  7. TeamSammyK says:

    Great video! Thanks for working so hard to advocate for all kids who require accomodations! We are lucky, our school has been wonderful, but not all folks are so fortunate.

  8. curtis596 says:

    You are an amazing team! You inspire me in so many ways. When my son was in school we had problems and I didn’t fight but walked away. Big Kudo’s to you and your family.

  9. type1awareness says:

    Hunter and Kathy are inspirations. Thank you for your work for all those with type 1 diabetes!

  10. Wazzup800 says:

    My name is the Hunter Sego! I wish I was the same as you!

  11. FREDFISH1942 says:

    hunter u rock!i also have type 1 diabetes

  12. Wazzup800 says:

    no, i don’t

  13. sheryl0166 says:

    Impressive video, I just want to thank you for standing up and making a difference for our children.
    Your son is very mature for his young age, diabetes has a way of making them grow up fast.
    My daughter (12 years old) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this summer. It hurts to see them go through so much, the sleepless nights, the needles, and even discrimination. Sheryl B.

  14. PrecognitionInc says:

    THere you go kathy, adn hunter , im glad thta you guys did this, proud to be your cousin hunter ^.~ kepp up the good work

  15. SugarFreeBaby101 says:

    Awesome, hope we can do the same in California!

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