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  1. I was in a accident on 02/28/2006 and was unable to work took my ssa early @62 my benefits did not start until 08/2006 so when it came time to strat cobra I had no money my rent was due $8oo.00 well in a nutshell i had fonds so now i am unable to get food stamps are assittance I have high blood pressure and diabetes type2 my blood count was 337 it put my body at a condition call diabete nerve damage i pain lots of pain I having a hard time getting around i received meds from the hospital this was a one time deal I am down to 4pill now and when thats out so am I need help. willie and family yes I am married to Deborah.

  2. larisjubenta says:

    meus amigos podiam comentar aqui né?

  3. Hiquenegrello says:

    Muito bom! Com certeza tirou nota 10! Parabéns!