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  1. doctors are awesome people … specially those who operates on heart or other vital organs … i love and respect those people … but there are doctors that i hate too …. those that won`t speak with you if you don`t fill atleast 30% of his robe pocket. to bad .. they study medicine just to make more money.
    But hey … thank god there are stil TRUE doctors who do this for passion an desire to help. RESPECT!

  2. nanotechmom says:

    My loving brother will undergo artery bypass surgery tomorrow, 5 grafts. I love him so much I pray everything will go successfully. This video complements the book and helps my son understand the procedure. Thank you.

  3. TheHippyDippyCandys says:

    why can u hust sick some thing down there and un cloge ur artry duhhhhhhhhhh lol or cut is or open and clean it out

  4. what does your son understanding the procedure have to do with the success of your brothers operation?

  5. nanotechmom says:

    nothing; my son just wants to learn the procedure for his own curiousity & understanding. When he saw his uncle he did ask if it was the mamary artery or the saphenous vein to use for bypass. My brother showed him the stitches on his leg after surgery. Thanks for asking.

  6. NitroHazard82 says:

    Maybe its his brother doing the procedure. O.o?

  7. jordanhall91 says:

    i hope everything is going good, i had a friend to die from this a couple days ago, he also had 5 grafts. r.i.p Greg King.

  8. 123Chimmy321 says:

    thats the most intelligent thing Ive ever heard

  9. TheHippyDippyCandys says:

    @123Chimmy321 lol =DDD

  10. TheHippyDippyCandys says:

    @TheHippyDippyCandys who ever rated my commet down i dont appreseate dat =l

  11. CrashArtSkillz says:

    why dont they tell ppl how pork is the main contribution to your colgs nad germ eaters of th sea?

  12. Hah, any meat is a main contribution to clogged arteries. Meat=cholesterol=clogged arteries=bad.

  13. CrashArtSkillz says:

    Back in ancient times b4 the white race came about ppl did not feed on animals that clean the germs in the earth in the water.Look it up idiot Pigs and scavenger fish are germ eaters why would ppl eat filth or germs?Your body fuels off of healthy minerals that pigs and certain sea animals do not give off FACT the only reason why doctors dont tell you this is because they are apart of this system of money hungry devilz

  14. CrashArtSkillz says:

    The government makes billions of dollars off of ppls ignorance

  15. Uh…maybe instead of basing your argument on ignorance, you should do it on facts. Only pigs and scavenger fish eat germs? Really? How about rabbits? They often give their poop another chewing over to fully absorb nutrients their guts didn’t get in the first pass. What about all the germs on the hands you use to eat your food? On the cutlery? As a matter of fact, how did all that bacteria in your intestines get there in the first place?
    FYI, minerals and vitamins are not a source of energy.

  16. CrashArtSkillz says:

    75% of germs comes from animals FACT!So where were these diseases in ancient times?No where because ppl weren’t obeast nor did they eat as much filth until caucasians started crawling out of caves flooding the Earth with their cave mentality of inmorality

  17. CrashArtSkillz says:

    Also dick head you get minerals from source of foods that would make minerals a source of energy dumbass!The devil is a liar and we all know what mass of lies you inferior non melanin creatures have caused.The same minerals in the Earth are actually found in your body idiot!with out these minerals ultimately you will die

  18. CrashArtSkillz says:

    You are a deciever of course you wont tell the truth it’s not in your nature to be righteous you have commited mass genocide all across the Planet from humans to animals to nature itself FACT!Also the Bible clearly gives you the laws on what animals to eat and not eat and it makes perfect since rabbits are not to be eaten either dummy!

  19. CrashArtSkillz says:

    look up the dietary laws edomite.These same laws can be found in egypt Kemet you know the place you invaded with Alexander the gay?and pushed the otamin empire in which are false egyptians which are really arabs/persians

  20. My…god. Okay. CALORES=ENERGY. Minerals and vitamis CONTAIN NO CALORIES. Trust me. Minerals, vitamins, hell–basic elements have vital roles to play in all organisms, but the vitamin C you take every morning does not give you energy. Only lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins contain energy our bodies can use.
    Have you even taken high school science? Have you–man, have you even GONE to high school?
    What the hell does Melanin creature mean?

  21. Oh. Obviously. I’ve killed…I’ll go with billions of people by taking a few biology and chemistry courses. Ahhh. Oh no. How do I live with myself.

  22. “Edomite.” Sorry, I don’t got that in my vocabulary.
    You know what? I don’t even understand what you just said. But please continue, because it’s pretty darn funny.

  23. FACT! You’re a moron.
    FACT! E. Coli is a naturally-occuring bacteria that exists in your gut, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or carnivore.
    FACT! Bacteria existed loooong before humans or any other multi-celled organisms.
    FACT! Ancient civilisations had plenty of diseases to go around. Ever heard of cholera? Staph? How about the common cold?
    FACT! Pulling something like skin colour into this arguement is silly. Know what? This entire conversation is silly. You’re silly.

  24. TheBrutoto says:

    this is awsome 😛

  25. ffeenixxx says:

    Awesome? is this the only word Yanks and wannabe Yanks know.