Pop Waffle Helps The Economy One Jonas Brothers 3D Ticket At A Time

25 Responses to Pop Waffle Helps The Economy One Jonas Brothers 3D Ticket At A Time

  1. kwakiferrsss says:

    Ahahahaah (:
    I saw the movie and I loved it!

  2. orionx42 says:

    nice job

  3. MiRANdAk329 says:

    hahaha! i’m going to use this stuff on my mom when i want money for the movies! 🙂
    oh, and when i saw the Jonas brothers movie it was in theater 2 to the left!! 🙂

  4. lexi16149 says:

    hahah! i like the one who has diabetes! its amazing to think that someone did this. not onlyy is it lever and funny but ya no.. lolololololol. ITS GREAT!

  5. weirdoalisa says:

    A+ very clever

  6. juicy0blue0miki says:

    ahahahaha that is hilarious!

  7. Kathrillah says:

    this wins.

  8. schairlove says:

    hahah i love this!

  9. horseygirl321 says:

    Who knew eight bucks could be spilt so many ways? 😀

  10. butterfreak23456789 says:

    ur friggin hilarious

  11. craigoWKD says:

    wow,u just explained how the movie industry works…good 1!!

  12. ScarahScaredU says:

    lmao awee thats soo cute

  13. EsmereldaAndKyle says:

    i love this!!! it is so true!!! haha

  14. hpmonkeyaround92 says:

    wow… this is amazing!

  15. eja217 says:

    wow thanks!

  16. FunnyHaHaFunnyHaHa says:


  17. themarco84 says:

    lOL… this is very funny!! 😉

  18. dandyPANDYpanda says:

    haha…you also give money to disney, who gives it to their parks, who then give us all great rides.
    there you have it. 🙂

  19. nikkyraney says:

    and gotta make another popwaffle tribute
    idk why ideleted the other.

  20. mizMcAllister says:

    love the end 😀

  21. sacredtrashcan says:

    cute 😀

  22. SilentDancer29 says:

    this is so funny 😀

    can you send me the song please?
    I can’t find any good places to download it

  23. fashionHRocks says:

    you’re a genius ! i love all your videos

  24. lovelovelove216 says:

    haha 🙂

  25. FERRETFOE says:

    what’s the name of the song

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