1. blaquepatriot says:

    How’s that hope and change?First try it out on small towns then let’s think BIG. Ask that Mayor How much was he promised to imprison You. Martial law has been declared…locals have no authority.. It gives the Feds the authority to move in.. Wake up People…

  2. mohairsammy says:

    As the police have increasingly militarized in this country, this is inevitable. It’s a direct assault on the right to assemble clause of the First Amendment. It IS martial law, no matter what they call it.

  3. Igentenos says:

    UNREAL….Big Brother is here

  4. 1stAmendmentChannel says:

    So… if no one is out in the streets after curfew… How are you gonna catch the ones your after? You DO NOT spank the citizens of a town for crime, YOU DO YOUR JOB AND STEP UP YOUR PATROLS! Explain how this will help cause the way I see it is after the curfew is lifted back to business as usuall…

  5. TBA4Freedom says:

    Martial law will start somewhere so I guess this is it. I would be flipping out or moving out of that area. There’s no way I will live like this. Those people are stupid for putting up with it.

  6. That neighborhood should lock arms and march at midnight, and every night. Get the local media to report it.

  7. wow….this is insane! So the cops are such fuck ups they cant do their jobs so the TAXPAYING citizens are punished by those same cops that they payed!!? anyone in this thread actually from the area?

  8. GodIsAvailable says:


  9. khaadimone says:

    Get the US government to stop pushing the drugs out onto the street in the first place and just watch the crime rate fall without the police lock-down.

    Watch Endgame (in HQ here on youtube) and know the score!

  10. stringline2 says:

    they always make it look like it’s for our protection.I can protect my self we need to wake up and tell the govt no more.What a revolution like we had to in the past to set up our own govt?? Kick all ther butt’s out of washington!!

  11. DanLeeProductions says:

    This was a violation of the Fourth Amendment, & should be investigated by the FBI. However, they are too busy investigating Militias,Christians,Gun Owners,Anti-Abortion Protesters, & anyone that disagrees with the Federal Government.

    If we keep allowing this behavior from our Government, they will have us all in Prison camps sooner or later. The Wolves are guarding the sheep pen, & people better wake up.. A Government big enough to give you what you want, is big enough to take it away too!

  12. AnotherNutJob says:

    So the police break the law to stop crime……….

  13. jackospade1 says:

    i wish the world had such chaos it draws me somehow

  14. some places do try long beach

  15. shakejuntgcode1 says:

    this is soooo sad

  16. everything is so fucked up. its the tipping point.

  17. hdwebsites says:

    It was great when he said “We gone pop them in the head”. Curfew isn’t necessary. Don’t make people stay in their homes, instead engage and have a police presence.Crime is high in some places, but Martial Law should not be imposed on the American People.

  18. Vazquez71 says:

    Let the revolution BEGIN!!!…

  19. I love it when he says at thend that this town belongs to the citizens and not the drug dealers. LOL Bullshit buddy by the looks of it you think it belongs to you. You have NO RIGHT to prevent these people from coming out of their homes or harrasing them on the way to the store! You people are NAZI PIGS!!!!!! People in Helena-west Helena Stand up for your rights!!! Do not stand for this FASCIST BULLSHIT!!!!!

  20. rise54321 says:

    The revolution is now or never…

  21. scarletletterman84 says:

    its getting really, really close…

  22. The people in that area seem pretty uneducated and ok with what was going on. That’s what happens with dumbed down public schools having taught everyone there. That’s what happens with people are use to being treated like children instead of adults. That’s what happens with the mayor himself doesn’t understand what America is about.

  23. antnotforwar says:

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! those are the most retarded people in the world for allowing this kind of shit to take place. I’d be in my yard every night begging an officer to take me to jail. Then I would show up to court with a smile on my face.

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