1. fattiemanny says:

    What factors can cause a person to have a,
    a) Heart Attack
    b) Stroke
    c) Cardiac Arrest?

  2. slipknot0129 says:

    Soar Essay

    Drugs they are used every day. Sometimes they have good uses, but there
    are bad uses. For example one day your head hurts you will probably tell
    your mom your head hurts, she will probably give you some Advil to take
    so in a while your head stops hurting, did you know the Advil you just ate
    is considered a drug? Well that kind of drug is considered a good drug
    well in the way you used it, some people can turn that good drug into a bad
    drug, people sometimes take too much of it so in that case it is a bad drug.
    This is why there are restrictions about what medicines you can buy.

    These kinds of medicines are called over the counter medicine, this means
    that you can buy it any time. For example when you go to CVS to buy some
    medicine there would be lots of medicines you can buy without a doctor
    prescription so they will be a lot of medicines but then you might see a desk
    that is where you can buy something called prescription medicine this means
    you can only buy this kind of medicine if you have a doctors prescription and
    that word is just fancy for a doctor note, so if you go to CVS and you go to
    the desk and they say you need a prescription to buy the medicine and you
    Say .”I know but I need it”. They will just say ok just wait one sec and
    that means they are going to call the police because there basically going to
    think you are going to use it for a drug .So those are the different kinds of
    good drugs.

    Now lets talk about the bad drugs .One of them is called marijuana.
    Marijuana is a green, brown, or dried mixture of dried, shredded leaves,
    stems, seeds ,and flowers of the hemp plant and another name for this drug
    is cannabis .Cannabis is a term that refers to marijuana and other drugs made
    from the same plant. Short term effects of marijuana include problems with
    memory and learning, and difficulty in thinking and problem solving, loss
    of coordination, and increased heart rate. marijuana is usually smoked as
    a cigarette or in a pipe. marijuana has also appeared in blunts, which
    are cigars that have been emptied or tobacco and refilled with marijuana,
    sometimes in combination with another drug, such as cocaine. It can also
    be mixed into foods or used to make a tea .so that is all about marijuana.

    Another illegal drug is cocaine. Pure cocaine was first used in the 1880s
    in different kinds of surgeries as an anesthetic and for its ability to
    constrict blood vessels and limit bleeding. However, many of its
    therapeutic applications are now not used because of the
    development of safer drugs. Cocaine is the most potent stimulant
    of natural origin. This substance can be snorted, smoked, or injected.
    When snorted cocaine powder is inhaled through the nose where it
    is absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. When
    injected, the drug addict uses a needle to inject the drug directly into
    his veins. smoking involves inhaling cocaine smoke or
    smoke into the lungs where absorption into the bloodstream
    is as fast as by injection

    Another high dependency drug is steroids. steroids where first developed
    in the late 1930’s it was used to treat
    hypogonadism but the primary
    use of it was to treat delayed puberty but at that same time scientist
    tested this substance on laboratory animals and they came with the conclusion
    that this drug can help you grow your skeletal muscle of course this led to the
    abuse of bodybuilders, weightlifters ,and then by athletes in other sports.
    Also 2.2% of 12th graders have taken steroids .There are also street terms
    of steroids including gym candy, juice, pampers , and stackers .Did you
    know one of the side effects of steroids is breast development for men
    and even if the this person stops taking steroids some side effects can
    be permanent other health consequences that can occur in both male
    and female bodies is that you can get liver cancer, heart attacks, and
    raised cholesterol levels.

    In this essay you have just read about all kinds of drugs including
    medicine, cocaine, marijuana, and steroids. Of course there are
    a lot more drugs then I just stated and more yet to discover but
    these are the most common ones a person is going to ask you to
    take in middle school and high school so i thought i should of stated
    these drugs. This essay was specially made for kids in elementary
    school going to middle school. This is why I thought that a little
    information on these drugs would be great. Thanks for reading
    this essay on drugs, I hoped you liked it.

  3. Great pipe, Great tunes. Good luck on your cholesterol.

  4. silverchairbookstore says:

    Mistakes…the perfect way to make a video feel personal! 🙂

  5. genericsoul says:

    You’re right! that is an awesome finish on that Ardor!

    in my opinion it says “Cigarette smoking” because the author of the paper didn’t think of the other kinds of smoking, but that gives you a legal loophole should something happen.

    good luck marc!

  6. guilhermemere says:

    Such a great pipe!

  7. Someone who can appreciate this!

    This awesome tobacconist that i grew up around, i used to go in when i was 7 and 8 years old with my dad, moved, and i found it!

    It’s is right near where im going to be going to college next year!

    I stoppe din with my pipe and talked a little bit, and i left with a free ounce of Peterson tobacco and i was told to stop in during the school year for a job!!!

  8. nyelton22 says:

    I think it has to do with inhaling. Inhaling can clog your arteries. Plus cigarettes have tons of chemicals and other additives that are nasty. Maybe that stuff causes the cholesterol to go up, so that’s why they specifically said ‘cigarette smoking”.

  9. Partyywizard says:

    i found that lighting my pipe with a match made it taste nasty… I don’t know what the deal is.. could be that my pipe isfull of carbon or something

  10. PipeDreamsInc says:

    I attended a diabetes class yesterday, and the instructor said that smoking caused a decrease in oxygen in the blood and could raise the risk of amputations and heart attacks for diabetics by fifteen times. I asked if that was cigarette smoking or did it include pipe and cigar smoking uninhaled. She said it was just cigarette smoking. I asked if that meant that pipe and cigar smoking did not pose near that risk and she said yes, only cigarettes. Notice: I had to ask. .


  11. alphaqlater says:

    Make sure your are using wooden matches as opposed to the paper kind. Also, make sure all sulfur has burned off before lighting your pipe. Hope that helps.

  12. Partyywizard says:

    yeah thats it i was tasting sulfur.. yuck

  13. Not a medical professional but the difference between a pack a day cig smoking habit and a few pipes a day is probably like the difference between half a quart of cheap vodka or 1 or 2 8 oz glasses of wine a day.

    I smoked cigarettes a long long time ago, and by the time I’d finish smoking a bowl, I was craving a cigarette.

    Its free base nicotine in those things.

    Anyway, I have 2 tablespoons of olive oil every day. Don’t know if that helps but its good on salads and veggies.

  14. MKERonster says:

    This is a remarkably good story!

  15. Justice4themeek says:

    Cigarattes I have read have much more of a health risk, I will list 5 chemicals that cigs have that Pipe tobacco is free from. Benzene, Formaldehyde, known as a poision, Tar Ammonia, Acetone, is a solvent I work with daily, A very strong one I might add, That is a shcok they out SOLVENT in cigs, Carbon Monoxide (CO) not sure per fact but I believe that is present also. Please corretc me if I am wrong. Not that pipe tobacco is healthy, but after theese facts one could say pipes are better for u

  16. What a cool part time job that would be!

  17. hambone92271 says:

    I’m glad to see a pipe smoker’s video that deals with health and in paticular cholesterol. My total chol is 215 vs target of <200. But it was around 400 in October of last year. I started eating fruits and wole grains daily, exercising, cut out sweet tea and sodas, and choosing low fat foods. I lost 25 pounds within 3 months. All of this combined with a chol lowering medicine has put right where I need to be. Good health helps me enjoy my pipe. Thanks.

  18. dubinthedam says:

    I think this is a great topic. I think we should remember that ALL pipe smokers inhale smoke…albeit a greatly reduced amount in comparison to ciggies. My wife has a dear old friend who has a matter of weeks to live. He 62 and was a cigar smoker and is dying from oral cancer. I think we should be as realistic as possible. Pipe smoking is extremely unhealthy…saying is much less healthy than cigarette smoking is a diversion. My parents are in their late 70’s…they both still smoke. Who knows!

  19. with cigrets you draw the somke deep in the lungs where tabaco and pipes you only draw the smoke in to you mouth. that is atleas how i smoke

  20. boxerguy1958 says:

    Add me to the cheering section for that Ardor!

  21. semigotbanned says:

    pipe smokers’ chance of getting lung cancer is 2-4 times higher than that of other persons, which is kinda understandable…

    there are some studies which show that pipe smokers actually live longer though (stress overall must be more harmful than smoke)

  22. PhelixFace says:

    love that ardor. that shape is my favorite

  23. significantguy says:

    Great video but please turn the bloody music off!

  24. MrCohibaboy says:

    i have high blood pressure , and i dont think that me keep smoking cigars is good for it , but i dont care

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