Permanent Body Hair Removal

For those seeking permanent body hair removal there are several ways to go about it. Some are performed in a salon or a private office and others can be done in the privacy of a home. Either way, technology has given us several methods that have demonstrated success in recent years.

The two kinds of procedures that have gained popularity is electrolysis and laser removal. Both of these have their pros and cons so an individual looking to undergo this type of procedure needs to do some research.

Laser removal can be broken down into two sub-categories: laser removal and IPL, or intense pulsed light. While both are equally effective they are performed somewhat differently and, therefore, carry different side effects.

Laser removal uses a laser to attack the hair. Melanin is applied to the hair and the introduction of electricity allows the heat and the melanin to be absorbed into the hair. It travels down the hair follicle and attacks the hair. If enough is absorbed the hair dies and will never again grow.

Laser hair removal is also limited as to the color of hair and sometimes even the type of skin that it can be performed on. Using the laser approach on hair color that is red, gray or blond is not recommended. And some skin may contain certain levels of melanin that it may not give the right effect in the end.

There are also laser removal kits that can be purchased and used in the privacy of your home. They are not quite as efficient and may well require a bit of a learning curve if the individual is okay for using their body as a test subject.

IPL is somewhat different. This uses a pulse of light instead of a steady pulse as in laser usage. The IPL method allows you to alter the intensity of the beam. IPL can also be used for other applications such as skin rejuvenation. But some professionals claim that the different wavelength that is used creates a greater chance of skin burns. However, one positive aspect of IPL is the cost. It is much cheaper than both laser and electrolysis.

Electrolysis is another method that has shown a much success rate than the other methods. This method involves zapping each individual unwanted hair with electricity to kill the follicle. While this is more effective, it is the most expensive of all the methods and takes quite some time to treat an area. In fact, it is not unusual for a total amount of sessions to occur once or twice a week for a year or more.

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