Penis as an external sexual organ performs a vital role in sexual activity. This is the reason why the various facets of the penis become a part of various studies and research. The penis size has been the subject of discussion, debate, apprehension and insecurity. There is no doubt however, that the size of the penis is very important for men and they think about this aspect more than women.

Penis and its role in your sexual life

Penis is a sexual organ and plays a very important role in your life. There are various other aspects of the penis that play as important a role in your sexual life. These aspects include the health and hygiene of the penis. A number of people also think that the size of the penis also plays an important role in their sex life. There is a flawed thinking that the bigger the penis size, the more the sexual satisfaction for the partner. But, sexual satisfaction depends on other factors as well, which include stimulation, and the emotional aspect. It’s very important to be aware of the various problems affecting the penis. If you are aware of them, you can address these concerns, if and when they crop up.

Is penis size strictly a man’s concern?

Various surveys have pointed out to the fact that men think about the penis size and its various aspects more than women. For women, the penis size is just a small part of the overall sexual experience. The reason for this is not hard to find. It lies in the heads of the men. They have this mindset that a small sized penis will not achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. The mindset is a result of the myth largely propagated by advertisers and their likes to sell penis enlargement products. It’s important to understand that for a typical female, sex is more about emotional fulfillment than just satisfying a physical need. Another fact to note is that most men have a normal penis size. The fact that a penis is seen from above might makes it look smaller.

Effect of smoking on the penis

If you want to lead a healthy life both sexual and otherwise, cut down on your cigarettes. It would be a great idea to leave smoking altogether. A Boston University study suggests that smoking can decrease the size of the penis. The effect of smoking on the vessels of the penis is similar to the damage caused by smoking to the blood vessels of the lungs and heart with respect to elasticity. Smoking results in a constriction of these blood vessels. The penile blood vessels are much smaller than those in the heart, so their constriction could have severe consequences for the penile region, a reduction in the size of the penis being one of them. Also, smoking has been identified as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Herbal pills benefits Not just increasing penis size

One of the important benefits of herbal pills like VigRX is that they have no side effects. They are made up of completely natural ingredients, which are safe for use. Apart from showing great efficacy in terms of increasing the size of the penis, these herbal pills have other benefits, as well. Their intake also effects the penile erection, which is more long lasting and stronger. This also makes them great performance enhancing pills. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation have also reported a positive change in their condition. The overall effect of these herbal pills helps men improve and extend their sexual performance.

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