1. I sracehed a bunch of sites and this was the best.

  2. toranacar says:

    I just made a donation. Hope everybody else does

  3. curtis596 says:

    Thank you for donating! It really made my day to read this when I got home from a LONG visit to the
    ER to find my type 1 son, who also has Celiac, is now dx’d with epilepsy. I kind of needed this pick me up. Thank you!

  4. toranacar says:

    My pleasure mate.
    Try to keep your chin up, stay strong and positive and keep moving forward.

  5. toranacar says:

    Im surprised there hasnt been more interest on this site.

  6. Great video. We have to raise $25 million to support the phase II trials. So we need to raise awareness of this NOW.

    Note that the Iaccoca Foundation is now also sponsoring other diabetes research. So donating directly to Faustman lab is the BEST way of getting money to the research.

  7. curtis596 says:

    Thanks, Bernard. I didn’t realize that when I made the video. I need to start working on round 2.

  8. toranacar says:

    Has Oprah replied or showed any interest?

  9. curtis596 says:

    I thank you for your continued interest. I have not received any feedback from any news organization. (I have sent to many) I do receive great feedback from the D community and know that it is making an inpact. Many have contacted me about fundraisers and such. The internet is an amazing thing and who can say whose lap it will eventually land in?!

  10. ilovenickjonasx33 says:

    email her people. seriously. they actually read their emails and watch these videos, i know for a fact.

  11. jbluvr123 says:

    good video , wats sweet breath?

  12. curtis596 says:

    Thanks, I have emailed them. I will continue to do so.

  13. curtis596 says:

    Thanks! Sweet breath is a sign of DKA, which is life threatening and associated with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. DKA can also happen with a type 1 when ill or lacking enough insulin.

  14. Look it up. It’s diabetic ketoacidosis. Do some research.

  15. peaceloveandballet says:

    if the drug is so common and inexpensive, why has it taken this long? and, i know this is pessimistic, but if this had any chance of working i would think JDRF and lots of other pharmaceutical companies would be dying to get their hands on it. i mean, who doesnt want to cure type one? but the fact that no one seems to be interested leads me to believe that its kinda “out there” if you know what i mean.

    im saying this all as a type one diabetic, diagnosed november ’07, when i was thirteen.

  16. IMCrazyQuick says:

    The JDRF isn’t interested in curing diabetes. The JDRF knows that the money is in treating diabetes. It’s simple economics. Nobody will ever market a cure for diabetes. Every two years a news story will come out about a promising discovery to cure diabetes and you never hear any more about it. It’s all BS and there will never be a “MARKETED CURE”.

  17. toranacar says:

    Unfortunately youre right. I think Dr Faustman is our only hope.

  18. toranacar says:

    Lets not forget there are other auto immune diseases which are more devastating more insidious. Motor Neuron disease for example which should emphasize the importance of Dr Faustmans work. Think of type 1 diabetes cure as a beginning and stepping stone to other auto immune disease.

  19. Thanks for all the hope you give, jerk.

  20. I am 18, I have had this since I was 12.

    i love my pump, my a1c is 6.4

    with shots ( i was taking 14 a day) my a1c was never under 15

  21. IMCrazyQuick says:

    Face it kenadyc…. ‘”That IS reality”. All your hope and donations aren’t going to change big business and business doesn’t get any bigger than pharmaceuticals. Now run off and bury your head again.

  22. IMCrazyQuick says:

    There is much more money to be made by “treating illnesses than in curing them”. As long as they keep you alive you have to keep buying insulin, strips, needles, etc… If you were cured, it would be a one-time payment then”Poof” you’re gone. That’s why they won’t cure it. They will keep promising a cure but you will never see it. I was 14 when I was diagnosed and that cure has always been 5 to 10 years off. It’s a moving target they don’t want to hit.

  23. lilmaddysmom says:

    Please join our network! maddyshope(DOT)com and share your experiences and expertise on our forum and help support other parents dealing with T1D.

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