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  2. BeTheBestMe says:

    You will be there in no time!! Hooray 🙂

  3. Congratulations!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. so funny, i was just about to mention, put the camera down!!!LOL how exciting, onederland!!! i feel like ill never be there, very cool porch-LOVE IT! nautical motife

  5. meltingmommy says:

    Congrats!!! I’d love to hang out on that porch!!!

  6. lyzettesalazar says:

    Yea…..that is sooo fabulous. Congrats, lady. So exciting.

  7. Congratulations! And also on your new boyfriend!

  8. nanciannaj says:

    OMGsh!!! your porches are so AWSOME!! I love “BEACHY” stuff ’cause I live in snowy country. Under 200…..WOWSY< WOW!! YAY!!!

  9. katiejuly says:

    WOO HOOOO!!!!! Awesome, lady!

  10. bobosmomma says:

    Congrats! you must be way excited! i AM!!! i’m gonna be there soon too!

  11. momtothepoob says:

    Congrats! I’m so envious of you and your good weather. It’s in the 30s in alaska and everything is slushy as we go through the breakup (AKA spring).

  12. YaY!!!! Dontcha just love onederland??? And that’s with clothes on, girl! So you know you’re really there! I love the beachy thing you have going there. I SOOOOO want to do that in my house! And I live 4 hrs from the nearest beach.

  13. ilovenavyboyz says:

    congrats on reaching onederland! I love love love your porch : )

  14. wdsDarlin says:

    CONGRATS ON ONEDERLAND!! Your house is amazing. I love everything about it!! You’re a great decorator!

  15. vortexshedding says:

    congrats!!!!!!!! love your ocean views.

    what does your professor teach? just curious…

  16. AfterMarch78 says:

    Okay so I thought i made a comment, but it’s not here. so weird! oh well. Congrats on Onederland!!! whoo hoo. That is awesome!!!! You rock!

  17. GBPkariann says:

    Congrats on arriving in ONEderland! Great tour, and lovely shells! Wish I could find me some Abeloneshells, but they are just not to be found here in Norway, we can rarely find them in any shops here. Love the Abelone shells though!
    Have a lovely day 🙂

  18. HalfMoonTides says:

    Congrats, and nice nail polish 🙂

  19. mamatika9 says:

    Good for you! I have enjoyed watching your journey! You have been such an inspiration!
    Keep it up!
    Oh, I love the outdoor mat! I can’t believe how close you are to the ocean! So jealous!


  20. MissJanieHere says:


  21. CONGRATULATIONS SWEETIE!!!!! Welcome to Onderland – WOO HOO

  22. SwweeeeeeT!! Gratz on onederland!! too cute, love your back porch table! Very Cute…. 🙂

  23. rosewolfe48 says:

    wow neat set up …I loved that table and chair set on the porch unique..
    I remember when I hit 200 I felt like I had arrived at some kind of goal…LOL …

  24. croyall23 says:

    CONGRATS!! I know it’s a little late but still!!!