1. Mak Sultan says:

    what is the name of the church they have Caleb’s funeral at in The OC. It is a beautiful glass chuch , and I am told it is a real church…what is the address? and what is the name of the church?
    it isnt the crystal cathedral it was a small church

  2. I would like to follow them on twitter. But I need to know what their twitters are. Apparently Caleb’s is calebftsk1, but I searched for it, and it said their was no results. Why is it doing that? What do I have to type in to find him? So that, and what is everyone elses twitter from that band?
    Jonathon Cook?
    Caleb Turman?
    Marc Stewart?
    Austen Bello?
    Kent Garrison?
    Kyle Burns?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. two questions:

    why test on the arm?

    Why slap the arm before testing?

  4. answers:
    – because that is his preference. it’s waht he is used to, it hurts less and when I am able to give Caleb choices, I do.
    – it gets the blood flowing so that a sample is easier to get. Caleb gets a little more crazy than he has to, but that’s a matter of dexterity and coordination at his age. We typically just rub his arm, but that’s tougher for him to do himself.

  5. mileycrazyfan says:

    it’s amazing how this little guy learned to be happy with diabetes.. i would get depressed, i think. and you are an excelent mom, by the way.

  6. biggestwwedude says:

    hey um do you go too the walk or ride the bike i go for the walk

  7. chadologic says:

    As of right now I have a Meditronic Insulin Pump. I’m thinking about switching to the Omni. I’m curious if the injection process would hurt less? I’m also a bit worried about being able to see it through my clothes like creating a big bump on my back, is it really obvious?

  8. runescapeowna123 says:

    indeed she is 🙂

  9. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    How is the pod? My endo says that she is going to put me on either the minimed paridim or the OmniPod in August. I am not sure wich one I want yet and I am trying to make up my mind. The pod seems cool because you can go swimming with it and never really have to take it off. But, I am concerned that It might be noticable through clothing. Has it ever been accidentily nocked off by caleb? Great vid!

  10. Thanks!
    Well it’s a personal decision – it’s up to you. Caleb has never had one knocked off. And no one ever notices it through clothing, at least not that I am aware. Although for Caleb you can clearly see it when he swims – it does not matter to him (yet).

    Good luck. Lo

  11. bubblesnbubbles12 says:

    hope he gets better!!!

  12. zoziegirl9 says:

    how long has he had the omnipod? i just got to put mine on today and it is awsome!!

  13. Congrats! Hope it goes well for you! Caleb has been Podding since April 07, so over 2 years now. 🙂

  14. gymnastbunny says:

    I love this kid!:) He is so cute and mangages his diabetes very well!:) Good luck and have fun with the omnipod!:)

  15. Chillout1881 says:

    Caleb is so adorable:) I just switched to the omnipod recently and i sure wasn’t as happy as he is about it:) You are an awesome mother by the way:) Children with diabetes are the best!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ItsJustJasmine says:

    he is such a silly kid haha “im gonna check my sugar for goodness sake.. ”

    and the slapping his arm hahaaaa

  17. cutiepie1874 says:

    hey i have to do the same

  18. ItsJustJasmine says:

    @cutiepie1874 ya but he is just being so silly is what i’m saying 😛 cutie

  19. Awesome job Caleb! I have Type 2 diabetes and I have to control it with both oral meds and insulin! I may have to be put on a pump soon and your video has helped me realize that the omnipod will probably be the one for me! Oh, and I also test on my arm (just above the wrist) because it hurt to always test on my fingers! Keep up the good work sweetie!

  20. LilJayJay1997 says:

    I thought insulin went into your pacreas which is under your stomach. his insulin pump was placed on his back.

  21. For someone living without diabetes, insulin is produced by the pancreas and released to the body. For people living with diabetes whose pancreas’ don’t make the proper amount of insulin, they need insulin delivered to the body via injections or an insulin pump and it is delivered in an area of fatty tissue like legs, arms, belly and even the back. The pancreas itself does not use the insulin.

  22. caleb is a cool kid but make sure you pinch up1 inch when the needle goes is it willl hurt a lot less and youll have less bloody canulas

  23. Actually, the times that we have pinched up have all resulted in bloody messes which is why we do not.

  24. wow thats really odd ….—cool. caleb is my role model and i am 15. why because he is so brave and into his diabetes he is so awesome without him i would not be wearing a pod right now i would be wearing a minimed. my fav is the gun show he is so awesome

  25. darksora199 says:

    awesome, just awesome. This shows how manageble diabetes can be. A five year old kid can do it by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. My 2 year old son is still on injections with the pen. I guess the pump will be in his near future. Very cool to see your videos, makes us feel better. You have a great kid.

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