1. she likes fish
    she doesn’t have any fish or a tank yet. just wanting a cool fish to start off with.
    I just want to start off with a bowl.

  2. UntrainedSizzle says:

    Nordic Naturals are, in my opinion, the best choice for omega-3 supplements

  3. New Chapter’s Wholemega – FISH OIL is todays best fish on the market. 16Fatty acids not two. Whole-Wild Alaska Salmon caught sustainably. Check it out!

  4. kylecorreia says:

    check ur inbox i sent u a messaege

  5. druwin- N.C.’s Whole mega, does contain 16 fatty acids- but so does every other fish oil on the market. The fact that they advertise every fatty acid besides omega 3-6( which are not essential and actually made in the body to the exact amount that our body needs) seems to be merely for marketing. ..Just sayin

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