Reasons of What Causes Obesity

Distressing events, often those which took place during childhood, set the stage for obesity. Victims of physical and sexual abuse, as well as victims of neglect or emotional abuse often use food as a means to comfort themselves. This is called emotional eating, and while many people engage in emotional eating sessions and have never been victims of such trauma, those who have been victimized often use food as a coping method. If you have underlying issues, seeking professional help can bring about transformation in your life and change your relationship with food.

Probably the most prevalent reason of what causes obesity, lifestyle and habits have a direct impact on weight and other body issues. Take a closer look at your lifestyle. If you are like most people, there are some things that should be changed in order to resolve a weight problem. How much television do you watch? Do you spend a lot of time engaged in non-productive computer activity, or do you play a lot of video games? You may need to give your electronics a lot less face time.

Getting over-obsessed, thinking about incidents when others mistreated you causes low self-esteem. The best method is to retaliate the person on the face or ignore the person to such a level as if he is dead. Low self-esteem is harmful in many ways. It can lead to depression, addiction, and severe obesity. The problem compounds on itself, and the more you gain, the worse you may feel. Normally, low self-esteem begins in childhood and continues on into adulthood, causing a whole host of problems, from underachievement to relationship problems. Take your self-esteem pulse. How do you feel about yourself most of the time? Do you love yourself for who you are, and for your ability to love, create, and add to the world, or do you hold yourself in low regard? Learning to love yourself is one of the most transformational processes you may ever go through and it will affect every area of your life. It’s not selfish to have great self-esteem; instead, it makes you into a better person. Once you learn to love yourself, you will be much better equipped to take good care of your body via healthy lifestyle changes.

Some other factors causing obesity

Temperature Effects Cause Obesity

Studies have shown that in comfortable temperature, you use less energy, thereby burning less body fat. In hotter temperature environment, you’ll sweat a lot more which in turn uses more energy. There’s also evidence to suggest that you’ll reduce the amount of food intake in hotter temperature environment.

Less Smoking Or Quitting Smoking Causes Obesity

If you’re a smoker, you’re likely thinner than others. So, if you cut down smoking or quit altogether, you’ll pile on the pounds, though no one knows why this is so…Most likely is because nicotine is an appetite suppressant and seemingly can raise your metabolic rate.

The US National Center for Health Statistics calculates that smokers kicking the habit have been responsible for a small but significant portion of the US obesity epidemic.

The Center works out that smokers who quit in the previous decade are more likely to be obese than smokers and those who never smoke. Among men, almost 50% of the quitters are obese compared with 37% of non-smokers and 28% of smokers.

Pollution Can Cause Obesity

Our environment has become more polluted and inevitably, we’re exposed more to pollutants like industrial chemicals (dyes, plastic wastes, pesticides, herbicides, gaseous compound, solvents….).

There’s evidence that a small amount of some of these chemicals can lead to weight gain. Studies have found that when people are exposed to these chemicals found in food, the higher the toxic level in the food, the greater the body weight.

This is because some of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors that disrupt the functions of hormones like oestrogen.

You know right, when your hormone (oestrogen) does not function well, it wreaks havoc in your body, including weight gain?

Drug Use Is What Causes Obesity

Some drugs have ugly side effects – one of the most common ones – weight gain.

Want to know which drugs?

  • Well, drug for high blood pressure, is one.
  • Drugs to treat HIV, is another.
  • Endometriosis drugs to treat endometriosis, is a classic example that can fatten you up.
  • Contraceptive pills will pile pounds on you.
  • Diabetes medications will pad you out.

So, don’t be too over-dependent on drugs.

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