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  1. animdiva2 says:

    Black women tend to have more obesity, but how are you measuring this? BMI? Just adding weight to a persons frame (whether fat or lead weights) over time will cause an increase in muscule weight. Perhaps this is why Black women can weigh more and yet have a better health risk. I’d like to see a fat percentage of the total body weight as being a more accurate way to develop theories about medical risks rising from obesity.

  2. this is a waste of time…or other wised known as BORING!!! 45:00 minutes of crap wow!

  3. opheliamoonstone says:

    Wow. Just because it isn’t set up like the infotainment you see on the Discovery Channel, doesn’t mean it’s boring.

  4. Too many isn’t necessary a good thing idiot. Unneeded carbohydrate is stored as fat -> OMG OBESE

  5. Ayatron34 says:

    I’m almost underweight 🙁

  6. Ayatron34 says:

    He’s talking about Big Mommas House lolo.

  7. CorazonMedia says:

    There’s a new documentary on the obesity crisis coming to theaters soon – “Waiting for My Real Life.”

  8. AsperGirl says:

    The guy doesn’t start talking until minute 4:00.

  9. IguanadonBlues says:

    Passive lifestyle coupled with minimal exercise of our bodies and minds will bring ill health and premature death to young America. Thank you for providing this information in a readily accessible forum.

  10. Genetics: Potentials. Example: 1/ # of fat cells @ birth, 2/ Their distribution among your body parts, & 3/ Distribution just under skin or more deeply under facsia, determine: A/ The fattest you could possibly be. B/ How it can affect health, & C/ How you’d look. (Those w/ ‘deep’ fat may seem to have thick muscular waists.) If diet & activity cause you to not fill those fat cells, ( not ‘turn on’ that particular ‘genetic switch’), you may never even know you had such potential.

  11. supersmash43 says:

    The thing is about these statistics is that they can vary from sources to sources because of the degree of which you have to be overweight in order to be obese considered varies. imo as long as you are healthy being a little overweight is alright.

  12. BeaucoupRed says:

    The rats are jumping ship.

    CHEMRISK – a research company hired by the Corn Refiners Association has recently taken down it’s YouTube channel.

    The removal was in response to negative public perception resulting from the discovery of dangerous levels of MERCURY in HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Apparently it has become a liability to defend the sweetener.

    See one of the last remaining ChemRisk videos at CornRefinersAssoc on YouTube.

  13. karlaaa87 says:

    my brother is too fat and his blood sugar is above the normal. if he loose his wieght will his blood sugar become normal?

  14. toffeeapple7 says:

    Does he have Type 2 yet?
    If he had Type 2, chances are only something like a very extreme vegan diet will help. If not, so long as he watches his diet very carefully, his blood sugar should begin to go back to normal levels.

  15. HugelyBig says:

    It’s more about diet than weight. As soon as he gets himself on a sensible diet, his blood sugar will become normal. Losing weight is basically a bonus. Weight and blood sugar don’t affect each other significantly. It’s diet and activity that controls both.
    He needs to know that if he doesn’t get a grip on it now, he’ll have type 2 later, and will have to control it more then than he has to now.

  16. wade2bosh says:

    cinnamon would be good for him.

  17. karlaaa87 says:

    since my first comment he lost around 20 kgs.. and now his sugar level is better than earlier, he is going to loose another 20 kgs .. then i will update you guys about his sugar level that day.

  18. HugelyBig says:

    No problem. And congratulations for your brother. I’m assuming you talked him into dieting, so well done for you. 🙂

  19. karlaaa87 says:

    Thank you for your comment. Actually, he has a great secret to reduce the sugar level.. its easy and available to every one. just before any meal. climb stairs for 15 minutes.. . its encorage your muscels to absorb the glocose. Try it. its for all.. you will feel amaizing.

  20. HugelyBig says:

    Haha, at first I thought you were about to give some spammy advertisement with that last one. I’ll try it! =D
    One thing though – how’d he figure that out?

  21. karlaaa87 says:

    one day he decided to not use elevators for that day, so he start the day walking for 15 minutes to his office and climbed 7 floors to his disk. and then when he return home he climbed 10 floors in where he live. At the evening he checked the sugar and it was reduced a lot. Climbing stairs make your muscles so strong to fight the sugar.

  22. HugelyBig says:

    Heh, maybe that explains how I manage to eat a bunch of pizza and not gain. My school is pretty much downhill, so you have to take some stairs to get most places..