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Being obese – stands for being excessively fat. It indicates that an individual’s weight is greater by 20-30% than the ideal weight of a person of that specific age, height and gender.

Apart from making an individual unattractive, obesity threatens human health with even graver consequences. Quite a few of these are diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases, stroke cancer, gallstones etc. If a medical professional, especially a dietician is consulted, he/she would add a large number of problems resulting due to obesity to this list.

As if that is not enough, an obese person usually cannot walk in a comfortable manner. Because of the overweight of the body, the knee joints experience a heavy stress while walking. It may and often does result into arthritis.

Today obesity is becoming a serious problem all over the world. obesity can be a result of a whole host of aspects – from lifestyle to genetics, but usually it is caused by consuming more calories than necessary, which allows the body to store the left over calories that turn into fat. Obesity can also be caused by hormones and the environment in which we live, it is hard to tell exactly where it comes from because everyone is different, but being obese can truly affect your life and the way you think and how you feel. Obesity can result in a feeling of fatigue, a constant tiredness that you cannot seem to shake, low self-esteem, and a wide variety of medical problems are all associated with obesity. Sometimes it can be as simple as eating healthy and exercising more often, but for some it is not so easy, some find that surgery is the best answer to their problems especially when the obesity is caused by a genetic disorder or hormones.

Obesity Treatment

Obesity: Reasons and prevention

What causes obesity?

Poor lifestyle

The lifestyle followed by people in most of the modern societies focuses on less of the physical activity and more of ordering the servants or relying upon the electronic equipments to finish the daily tasks. Technology provides us computers to duplicate information rather than our having to write it, with online libraries we don’t have to visit one or walk down to one, with online shopping we are not required to visit the market, at home the washing machine, electronic toaster, highly improved irons and in short- every facility takes away the burden to labor for anything at all. It has made people lethargic. Moreover, they shun exercise. The result: obesity.

obesity causes

Unhealthy diet

As people are not required to labor physically, their bodies burn very little amount of calories resulting into their getting fatter day by day. Moreover, people consume diets rich in fats, oils, carbohydrates and cholesterol. But when the calories are not burnt, they become even fatter.

Obesity: effects

Low or almost no physical activity and a higher intake of diets rich in cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates damage the muscles of the heart and the blood vessels. As a result, blood circulation system in the body gets highly effected. Apart from high blood pressure, the risk for stroke is greatly increased. There can be other heart related problems as well.

Apart from heart diseases, obesity also causes sleep apnea. Patients suffering from sleep apnea may stop breathing during sleep. As if that is not enough, both men and women must keep a check over their waist size. Women with their waist size greater than thirty five and men with a size greater than forty may experience health troubles.

Obesity Simple Cure

Obesity treatment and other information

A good way to prevent obesity is by finding an activity that you enjoy, such as biking, walking, hiking, swimming, any of these types of activities can be a great choice. Obesity is common among children especially in the US, which is why it is a good idea to have you children practice good eating habits, and do not forget to practice these same habits yourself because you are not only affecting your body but you are influencing your children. Children who have obese parents are more likely to be obese than children who have parents that have healthy eating habits. So in order to prevent obesity in your children have them eat healthy snacks after school instead of junk foods, and try to decrease the amount of take out you have in a month. Most people feel that they do not have enough time to cook a meal which can result in the quick fix of picking something up at the local fast food restaurant, but this is one of the worst things to do, taking the time to sit and have a home-cooked meal can make a big difference in your health.

Another good idea, is to never eat while watching television, because so many do not realize how much they actually consume during their favorite tv show, if you are going to snack try snacking on something healthy with a low amount of calories. You should also cut down on beverages that are high in sugar, try drinking a lot of water, it will make you feel full and it can make you feel all around better. Green tea is another good choice for beverages, it is good both cold and hot, and it is said to even help with weight loss. But for some this is not nearly enough, if the obesity is caused by a genetic disorder, this can be far worse because they cannot control the weight gain, it is simply something that just happens no matter how many calories they eat. For this type of obesity surgery such as gastric bypass, is usually a good idea to protect the health of the patient, if this goes unattended it can result in high cholesterol, and heart conditions.

obesity reasons

Obesity is something that should not be taken lightly, it is no different from any other medical condition, but there are steps you can take to prevent it, so watch what you eat and talk to your doctor if you feel you are becoming overweight, it could be something connected to medical problems like thyroid disorders that can cause dramatic weight gain, and this problem can be easily fixed by the use of medicines or simple procedures. Obesity is a serious condition that can lead to many medical and emotional problems, and in some cases even early death by heart attack. So do not forget to take proper care of your body, and do not be afraid to take the necessary steps to bring you to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Obesity: prevention is better than cure

Play safe

Use herbal appetite suppressants to control overeating. Suppressants such as Hoodia Gordonji are quite effective to control over eating and hence, the body weight. It raises the metabolic levels, suppresses the appetite and is good for the overall health of the human body. Moreover, as you eat less, you do not have to switch to a fad diet and still you lose weight. So, it is a wonderful idea in itself. You go on consuming the same type of diet you were enjoying earlier. Only the quantity will be reduced.

Stick to a regular routine

The problem is not that people do not know how to fight obesity or in the first place, to prevent it altogether. The actual problem is that they do not stick to their routine. The majority of the people know that regular exercises can control or even reduce weight. They do exercise, but only for a few days. After that, they give up and get back to the previous routines. Same is the case with diets.

Additional tips

Now, here are a few more tips to say a big good buy to this foe of yours called obesity. Use these herbs. ‘Aloe Vera’ cleanses the digestive tract and as a result, improves digestion. ‘Astralgus’ boosts energy. It even satisfies urge for eating sweets. ‘Bee Pollen’ is also there. It activates metabolism. Like Astralgus, it also satisfies the people with a sweet tooth. ‘Ephedra’ (also known as Huang) is a weight loss supplement. It is also an appetite suppressant and increases metabolism. ‘Kelp’ improves metabolism. ‘Licorice’ satisfies those who have a sweet tooth.

If you stick to healthy diets that do not consist of cholesterol, fats and sugars beyond a limit, consume lots of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, you will keep obesity at bay.

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