The human body requires a variety of essential nutrients in order to maintain physical health. These nutrients are proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The body also needs water and fatty acids for brain and cell construction. Without these essential nutrients, the general health is threatened and weight loss is unlikely.

Effective weight loss can be achieved by simply following a normal balanced diet but with smaller servings. Low fat varieties of food make good substitutes for the more fatty foods and are available in an ever increasing variety of foods. By using this method for weight loss, long term results are more likely while maintaining good health.

The body gets rid of fat by exercising and, to do this effectively, it is important that there is enough energy to run the body properly. The body has to rely on stored energy sources like carbohydrates and fats so diets that lack fats or carbohydrates can be very harmful.

There are also psychological aspects to dieting. There are techniques that affect the desire to eat and therefore affect the appetite. These can come in the form of medical interventions or natural manners.

Appetite can be suppressed by using stimulants such as ephedrine or L-Phenylalanine both of which send messages of fullness to the brain.

Also, consuming low energy foods that are rich in fibre, such as non-starchy vegetables, can achieve the same effect. Exercise is also useful in controlling appetite.

Okay, let ‘s look at some of the methods available on the diet merry-go-round and see what they involve. Having such information can help you to make informed and suitable choices for your own health and wellbeing.

There are several weight loss organisations who help people with weight loss. These include groups such as Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss or Jenny Craig and these all have proven track records. There are also a multitude of similar programs run by not-for-profit organisations like church groups and neighbourhood health clinics. Most groups employ the power of group meetings to provide emotional support and useful information.

Then there are the low fat foods. These help people feel full longer, and are useful in e any diet plan. However, high consumption of these foods that generally contain refined carbohydrates, can actually cause weight gain rather than weight loss. Often, the low fat ??diets ?? fail to recognise the importance of the essential fatty acides and remove both good and bad fats from the food intake.

Low carbohydrate diets discourage carbohydrate intake and encourage the consumption of lots of protein particularly red meat. Eating fruits and non-starchy vegetables provides fibre and nutrients. A low-carbohydrate diet is unsuitable as a long-term diet. The products of fat metabolism and protein metabolism include ketones which can be harmful.

The problem with any of these fad diets are that they are normally short term and have rigid rules which are unsustainable in the long term. Many of them are also inadequate in areas of proper nutrition and therefore dangerous leading to iron deficiency and poor bone health.

I m sure you are well aware of the need for a balanced diet to assist in losing weight but did you know that you also need to look have a healthy mind? Proper nutrients keep you healthy, alert and active, thereby satisfying the needs of both body and mind. Regular meals and the occasional small treat also keep the diet satisfying and ensures that you are able to maintain these new eating habits. A healthy diet can also reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Above all, don ‘t expect miracles from your weight loss program. Be realistic about what is a sensible weight loss and develop the lifestyle changes needed to achieve that. Set realistic goals and reward yourself when you achieve each goal. Also, set your goals in small chunks. For instance, don ‘t say you need to lose 50 pounds, say you need to lose 10 pounds and, each time you achieve that goal, reward yourself and then set yourself another goal.

Using these measures to achieve your weight loss will ensure you reach your realistic goals and is the safe and sensible approach.

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