I do not have a weight problem and I enjoy eating healthy foods, however, obesity is a health problem that affects someone in my family. For some time now, this family member has had trouble with his knees due to weight and aging. While on a recent RV trip in the southern US and Mexico his weight reached 305 pounds. After returning home he went to the doctor about his painful knee condition that made walking difficult. After the examination concluded, his doctor explained that he was not a candidate for knee surgery at this time. The doctor continued by saying that he could not proceed with the operation until he lost 80 – 100 pounds.

Shocked by this evaluation the family member was left to figure out how, after years of failed weight management plans, to lose the weight or lose the ability to walk. This was obviously a very stressful period in his life. Sometimes people retreat into old habits under stress and do not seek solutions. Fortunately, this was not the case.

To overcome such a hurdle, drastic measures had to be taken. Traditional exercise would not be a solution since moving was painful and further damage to his knees would result. It was not until meeting up with an old friend that a solution was found. While in his condominium, he saw someone he hadn’t seen for a while and was surprised by her appearance because she had lost 130 pounds on a medically supervised weight loss plan.

With amazing results like that he had to learn more. The structure of the plan follows very basic health rules but of course these are designed by a specialist and suited to a patients needs. Every patient is different and requires a unique solution for safe weight loss.

Some of these daily habits to help safe weight loss are as follows: increased water intake to help flush the body and maintain steady metabolism, and limited protein intake to reduce the storing of fats, correct portioning of foods to avoid overeating which help the body metabolism remain constant, and no alcohol consumption. These habits will aid the body in resetting itself and promote the best metabolic rate for weight loss. In addition to these habits, the family member also receives weekly follow-ups with his doctor and is administered shots to maintain health body processes.

The results of this program have been the loss of 46 pounds over an 8-week period. These figures are not promoted in a way to sell a product but to indicate that products alone cannot solve obesity. Will power and effective medical supervision is the best way to overcome obesity. Safe weight loss can be maintained over a long period of time while crash diets and thin pills do not provide a healthy long-term solution.

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