1. blarg blarg says:

    I weigh 320 I want to weigh at least 200 pounds never worked out a day in my life. How can I start losing weight healthy at a steady pace?

  2. I want to know some good exercises and all to help me lose inches off my waist. I am currently at 47 inches and I would like to go down to 41 or 40. I know I can lose it faster then others because im really big, I went from weighing 265 to 250. Please let me know what I can do, I work outdoors cleaning parks from 8 to 5 abd only 1 hour of lunch. Thank you!

  3. timq3dimensionscom says:

    I’ve been staying off soda for a good week and a half. My weight has been at the same. I probably lost 1 lb. I thought cutting soda out of your diet was a good thing. I thought you would notice more results. How long will I finally notice them?

  4. I’m extremely out of shape and I’d like to get a thigh gap and lose my muffin top. Any tips?

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