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  1. Himalayan crystal salt is mined about 500 meters deep inside the Himalayas and comes from dried up primal sea of 25-million years ago. It’s very pure. Our body mainly consists of water and salt, so it makes sense to choose a high quality salt, which nurtures the body with important minerals and trace elements. Natural crystal salt has the same composition as the salt in our body and there are several ways to consume it.

  2. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are also beneficial to our health. They are a natural ionizer that’s a must for every household. Damaging positive ions are produced by television sets, computer monitors, radio, electric heat sources, vacuum cleaners, etc.

  3. Salt Lamps produce ions that carry negative charges (like electrical inonic air purifiers), creating a pleasant atmosphere similar to that found in mountains, by rivers and the sea. Negative ions are considered the vitamins of the air and besides that they add a calming effect to any environment. The Himalayan salt in our products is pure Himalayan crystal salt.

  4. Himalayan crystal salt is definitely an affordable solution to many health challenges. Along with a balanced diet, plenty of water, regular exercise and a meditation program, crystal salt can help you live longer, healthier and happier.

  5. soccom8341576 says:

    thanks. Until now, I don’t know what they is.

  6. rodicahan says:

    Natalie you said to avoid products with high amount of sodium coz it’s retaining water in the body while dieting. But isn’t this actually a good thing to keep water in the body especially while during diets when it’s none that we’re getting so dehidrated.

  7. could you do a video that helps us understand the ingredient list? like what ingredients are good or bad? for example, i’ve read in several places that mono-diglycerides are hydrogenated oils, but then other people say they are normal and healthy. it would be so awesome to have a video that cleared up some of these things.

  8. psychetruth says:

    That’s a good idea, but as a general rule of thumb, If you don’t know what it is, it probably isn’t what you should be eating.

    See the video, “whole foods vs. processed foods”.

  9. Sedahichi66 says:

    That is a lot of information not sure if I can remember everything. Although, it is a really good video.

  10. yabbariki says:

    THANK U SO MUCH!!! this was very helpful!
    can u do a video on what is the best skin care moisturizers and daily wash like what to look for in the lable? that would be great.
    Thanks for the amazing videos!!!!!

  11. water rentention in d sense she was referring to is not beneficial to the surrounding tissues

  12. xxxJessica1zxx says:

    Man! i’ve been reading this all wrong for all these years!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks, this is reallly helpful

  13. Metaphysicalman3 says:

    Hate to say it, but you are wrong about sodium.

    Check out The Water Cure. It will tell you the real facts about sodium.

    Celtic Salt is good for you and can in fact LOWER blood pressure.

    Check for yourself.

  14. Froastwolf says:

    how about a video for nutrition for body builders?


    thank you for educating those who need it.


  16. Mossflower1994 says:

    I eat around 2 900 claories a day and run around 6-9 miles a day is that safe?

  17. we need more nutrition by natalie please!!!


    Nutritional info is a safeguard against ”Your product has damaged my health” lashbacks! Even so called health concious people don’t tally up the crap whilst devouring a ‘secretive’ 2-4? pack of pastries/cakes etc.Te sad truth is we can’t be expected to make sensible moderative decisions where tasty food is concerned! I don’t feel the above statement is ridiculous in the slightest,i am a realist and i speak the truth.Don’t blame Human’s with taste buds,blame the shameless food makers themselves

  19. what’s the nutritional value on your pussy?

  20. rnfortheworld says:

    mnbm786, you’re a pig.

  21. Essirelli says:

    It depends on more than just how much exercise you do but I’d assume yes. There are websites that when you enter your age, weight, and fitness level and will tell you your healthy calorie intake.

  22. naturaldiet4you says:

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  23. andrewtheloverboy says:

    Why doesn’t protein and sugars have a % daily value? And if vitamin intake goes over 100%, is it still healthy?

  24. kimcheolho says:

    Natalie, thanks for all the great advice. Is there any chance of you making a video for nutrition for body builders? I’m confused about what proteins are better, because there are so many of them. (meat, powder, slow, fast).

    Keep up the good work!