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  1. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

    they like making it hard on people…but if you have a food scale you know right down to the mili gram…and you can divide servings and know the calorie content.

  2. SPACEENTER1 says:

    great info, and cute to lol

  3. scorpiusaries says:

    yes she looks the best on the menu..bon appetit.

  4. greencity127 says:

    You are a cute and sexy white girl.

  5. Kassey232323 says:

    She said that the ingredents are listed by quanity first. Is this a standard? Thanks.

  6. brian8793 says:

    None of the food I eat has a “nutrition facts” label:)

  7. mehmeh2121 says:

    because u dont live in canada

  8. brian8793 says:

    LOL. No, because I only eat raw, organic food. I live right next to a Whole Foods, and it rocks:)

  9. the serving size are ridicoulous foreal on some food labels.

  10. Natalie is so pretty but she looks terrible behind that dark blue cloud background!

  11. i mean in front of lol

  12. CPcheatsandvids says:


  13. WestRockefeller says:

    this broad is unreal, would you rather a dude?

  14. islamrapesthemind says:

    IS NATALIE A LESBIAN??????????????

  15. VashDrinks says:

    I can’t watch her videos anymore! I can’t focus all my blood is rushing to my boner!!!

  16. What about Zipfizz? It’s apparently good for you, but I can’t really recognize any of the ingredients.

  17. hi good vid but you talk 2 much, you should talk and show some examples and not only see you in the vid it gets confused

  18. Thank you so much for this video.Your totally awesome. I learned a lot about how to read labels….b4 i used to read the serving size,fiber content and calorie content but i learned that there is much more to the labels than just that .I want to be a nutritionist one day and this is just inspiration for me,….keep up the good work.=)

  19. roseeatsbabies says:

    no trans fats in new york! woot!

  20. Thanks for posting…very informative!