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  1. The Villain says:

    I’m a 14 year old girl and no I’m not going bald or anything I just want my hair to grow longer/faster. Any ideas?

  2. lilfeefifofum says:

    I never heard of nut milk before but i will find it and try it out! thanks for letting us know :]

  3. tantanheart says:

    great idea!!! i’ll try it today, sounds yummy!! love your videos and craftiness =)

  4. xThePaleBella says:

    How does it differ from just eating nuts and getting the same benefits? Interesting! 🙂

  5. alissaevelyn says:

    it actually doesn’t except that it tastes way better!

  6. ballet334 says:

    I love your shirt in this video! where is it from?

  7. alissaevelyn says:

    it is from kookai i think, but i found it on ebay 🙂

  8. nirvgardengod says:

    hazenut milk is the bomb,,,almond milk is too bitter