1. thanks for posting this, I’m going to try it tomorrow!!

  2. MidnightButterfly222 says:

    let me know if it’s working for you ok?! 😉

  3. brittasbay says:

    I am so glad minimed told you this! I just called Animas yesterday about bubbles! They didn’t even mention this, maybe the tech didn’t know about it? I will try this on Wendesday when I change my set…

  4. BUBBLYB04 says:

    Thank you for sharing this info… I’ve been going nuts with them darn bubbles!!!!
    You did a great job on your demo too… no questions left to ask on this deal.
    Again… thank you!!!

  5. THANKS A MIILION… i thought that i was the only one who got air bubbles in my tubing … i tried every thing… but yesterday finally … a medtronic minimed help line person… told me to degas the insulin bottle… how easy.. it only took 5 years to find this out… i think that i am going to take out an ad in the local newspaper to tell other pump users . how to get rid of those air bubbles…

  6. thanks…. have you tried the dexcom seven sensor… best sensor ever… try it…

  7. wearethevans says:

    thank for the tip,never did know how to get rid of the bubbles,thank you very much.

  8. wearethevans says:

    thank’s for the tip bubbles bugging me for ages cheer’s me dear.

  9. 1HappyDiabetic says:

    interesting litle tip there. I never knew there was a name to that. After some bubbles issues myself another over looked reason for bubbles could be if your are putting cold insulin in your pump and not room temperature insulin in. The tiny air bubbles you can’t see when the insulin is cold can expand slowly while your insulin reaches room temp. Good luck. Posted some vids on it too! Great job!@

  10. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    thanks, this was very helpful. P.S. Do you always wear your pump on your shirt?

  11. dolphinjessie1 says:

    what does it do ?.

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