1. I have been thinking about using the supplement. I am 13 years old, 5 -1, 110-115 lbs. and I play defensive end for my team. I currently use Body Fortress’s Whey Protein. I am very interested in creatine’s positive effects on the body. But does the the advantages out weigh the risks? I have always been the little guy in my family of tall people – until I hit puberty. At about 11 I really started to bulk up, but I was still short. Right about now, I am predicting my max. height to be about 5-6 to 5-9. That’s pretty short. And I don’t want to endanger that any more AT ALL. I heard that creatine can make you more endurant, stronger, bigger, and well, better. But I have also read it can stunt your growth, cause kidney and liver problems and even change your facial appearance once you stop using it. Is any of this true?

  2. bhuwansiwakoti says:

    very sopportive

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