America is one of the foremost of the world powers and is a supreme first world country having a soaring economy and very high quality life. It is interesting to note that it is this country which reports to contain the maximum percentage of obese individuals in the world and what is more alarming is the fact that contrary to popular belief, it is not only the adults but also youngsters are children who are falling victims to the fatal effects of obesity. In fact it has been revealed that in America , about 65% of the total adult population is overweight. Among these overweight individuals about 50 million indulge in weight loss methods of which about 5% emerge as successful in their endeavors. Obesity is a necessary evil that has gripped society and till late nobody seemed to have paid any attention to the dangers that this increasing obesity was gripping human civilization. It was in the recent past, in the year 2004 that the US organization known as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that the most significant health threat that loomed large over American society was obesity. It is necessary to mention here that while some individuals are obese due to other health factors apart from obesity, most of the individuals suffer form obesity because of the kind of lifestyle they lead. In America as well as in al other parts of the world. Life is fast paced and hectic and therefore individuals suffer from immense stress which is also a reason which can contribute to obesity. Moreover, one of the prominent reasons behind the American citizens falling to obesity is because of their high intake of fats food. With an increase in the number of fats food chains, not only do the adults indulge in these fast food, but even the children are equally encouraged to intake these unhealthy food components in huge quantities making them victims of obesity.

Obesity is not simply about consuming enormous amounts of food though it is the major contributing factor. Apart from huge consumption of food, there is also a suitable lack of regular exercising and the American diet contains greater proportions of carbohydrates and too much carbohydrate intake is considered to be conducive to weight gain. Any person having a BMI or body mass index beyond 30 is considered to be at risk and overweight. However, obesity is not simply a problem in the Americas but all over the world and today various weight loss methods are available to facilitate weight loss.

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