You can bring your dog to the vet and get him a processed vaccine or something else that is supposed to help in the aid of diabetes. There are some people that still don’t want their dog to suffer with this disease but they also don’t want to put chemically manufactured medicine in their dog. So what do you do if you are one of them?

There are some things you can give your dog to treat diabetes and that is all natural so you won’t have to rely on chemical medicines. Here are a few natural remedies that you can give your dog to keep their diabetes in control.

There is an herb called Bejak that has been around for a long time and it is said to help with removing extra sugar that is in the bloodstream. This herb is also known to eliminate the signs of abnormal urination in animals that is why this is a great natural remedy for dogs that have diabetes and also urinary tract infection.

Vinegar can be given to your dog to help them with the pain of diabetes. The best vinegar to us is apple cider vinegar because just a few drops in the water dish can do wonders for your dog’s symptoms of diabetes and for other illnesses that your dog may have.

Karela is another herb that can help your dog out in a time of need if you are looking to help your dog naturally. This herb helps by controlling the amount of sugar or insulin that your pancreas produces. This herb has been used by humans for many years and now has been given to dogs as a form of treatment for diabetes. This herb also helps to absorb or improve the absorption of food in your stomach.

Cinnamon helps with controlling diabetes in dogs as well by being a substitute for insulin in your dog’s blood stream. Just sprinkle a little bit on your dog’s food and then you have just given your dog the right amount of medicine for the day.

Gurmar is another herb that will keep your dog’s blood sugar level at an elevated state so that your dog has a lot of energy. This herb is a good one to use when you think your dog is sick because the more sugar your dog’s cells have, the faster the antibodies can kill the illness that has invaded your dog’s body. This herb is also known to treat UTI in dogs.

You can use grapefruit as a diet supplement for your dog. Grapefruit is known to make a dog to loose weight so if you have an overweight dog, feed them grapefruit. Diabetes puts on the weight in dogs so this is a great remedy for your dog to loose the weight and treat your dog’s illness.

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