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  1. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I have high cholesterol that I come by genetically. I have used Crestor, Lescol, and many other cholesterol lowering drugs but I get severe muscle problems with these meds. I want to reduce it naturally but have tried Niacin, Omega 3, and many vitamins to no avail. Does anyone know how to reduce it naturally. I am not overweight and never have been. All my family are slim. Thanks

  2. fabulousDIVA says:

    I absolutely love your hair and seriously need my hair to get to that length!

  3. tu devrais vraiment sectionner tes cheveux!!==> english tanlation: Section Ur hair girl You’ll use less product!! I am doing that when I am Using my hair Mayonese from Organic Roots!
    May I ask U a question?? What Do U do with Ur hair While sleeping? Do U braid them?
    can U answer me pliiiizzz?? Thank yaa

  4. EbonyBeauty1212 says:

    It’s called royal crown hair dressing.

  5. berrykrazie says:

    just wondering is your hair texterized?

  6. those twists are really cute! and i love your bangles 🙂

  7. MsSnoopy1981 says:

    I only use that stuff to deep condition and I mix some kind of natural oil like olive oil and then rinse and my hair feels so soft after.

  8. oh i cerrently use this conditioner…my hair dresser recommended it to me..i’ve used it for the past 2 years

  9. ur hair is tha best….. it is soooo fluffy and soft looking. OMG! wish i had it, my is very tightly coiled.

  10. misspotential says:

    ur hair is amazing u probably should use 2 jars of that though …also you should really use this stuff called kinky curly its really good for hair thats already curly and it
    SMELLS GOOD!!! also whats that song ur playing??

  11. ladybott5 says:

    have you ever thought about maybe putting some scented oil in the cream to make it smell better; like almond oil or lavender oil?

  12. lalaevans81 says:

    The song is estelle- subsitute lover..

  13. meandmynaps says:

    You are so naturally beautiful!! Thanks for the advice, must try!

  14. hiriwabosi says:

    I lol’d @ “It smell like blue magic” *cue picture*

    Seriously though, is your hair impervious to shrinkage, because mine always looks like crap right after washing 🙁 ?

  15. TantineMetis says:

    i’ll try this !! thank you for this video !

  16. you know that if you wet you hair and then apply that you woulnt need 3/4 of all that product that you put on dry hair ?

  17. velvetwallpaper says:

    wow! your hair does not shrink Lucky you!

  18. Girl you talking about Royal Crown… LMAO

  19. Michelle211 says:

    it would have been way easier to just part your hair in sections since its so thick, that way you get better results and you won’t have to use the whole bottle.

  20. Jonganiify says:

    You should show products for men and make things available for Africans 2

  21. MickieJay says:

    You forgot to mention Dax, that old fashioned stuff! You know it green with a blue top with a black man and woman on the front.

    Anywho, I know my mom has used this on my hair once upon a time ago and I think I’m going to try it again since I don’t remember how it worked for my hair, plus my hair is natural now as opposed to straight hair I had then.

    I don’t remember it smelling like Blue Magic, lol!

  22. royal crown – the grease in the red & silver can with the crown. We used it because it was cheap!

  23. BiRainfangirl says:

    @lowilker sure was!! i remember seeing it when my grandma would press her hair in the kitchen, i never forgot what it looked like lol. nice lil flashback

  24. shawnafrom35 says:

    damn ur head is full of hair!

  25. shawnafrom35 says:

    hey i liv in france and most ppl dont have like a dryer in their own home unless ur a hair dresser
    how much does it cost to get one in the states?

  26. Your hair is so beautiful.