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  1. KlaxonCow says:

    People NEED to know this. They need to be made aware of what utter bullshit and contempt is being perpetrated on them and perpetrated in their name.

    I love your shows, Marta, and, in some senses, that’s perhaps the most important “gnooze” you’ve ever delivered.

    And don’t remotely apologise for being at 10 over it – you should really have gone all the way to 11 over this!

    Oh, yeah, I’m definitely as mad as hell and I don’t think that any of us should take it anymore!

  2. Ciriaco323 says:

    Marta, you make me proud to be from upstate new york!

  3. iniksbane says:

    Rock on! I’m actually glad it didn’t actually crash into Mercury. That would make me sad.

  4. haha i know but i was in a rush, so i did it …shorthand =D

  5. MentalMuse says:

    lol.. I don’t even have my sound on a you are entertaining.

  6. you are getting funnier and charminger, even though charminger isn’t a word. But you are.

  7. firerookie says:

    “Now ask your doctor about that…”! Great stuff. You are really on to something here. Keep with it.

  8. rhymingwithoranges says:

    slap stick comedy ftw!

  9. owenbigpinekey says:

    Not that i could get to hollywood this weekend ,but i never heard anything about a gathering.

  10. vitaminrich2 says:

    Marta’s been working out… check out dem guns…

  11. It’s ok! You can get a shot for that at the Hard Rock cafe. Maybe 2 or 3. 😉

  12. And on the upside, it’s not as smelly as Bakersfield.

  13. Blargaldalien says:

    Chow? sounds like a cannibal to me…

  14. Blargaldalien says:

    Yes I did receive the telepathic communique.
    You misspelled a few thoughts.
    Or am I really supposed to do THAT with a …

  15. HabsRule92Remy92 says:

    Sheeeit… I can say “Hey” forever… I just choose not to… How about that?

  16. videoboxx1 says:

    Toward the end of the video I like the use of her sweet voice and movement of her eyes.

  17. mikemoondawg says:

    Look out America! Marta you are breath of fresh air to our depressing political news. Your smart, funny and beautiful. I’m looking forwards to watching you for a long time to come. Thanks for making me laugh very hard!

  18. claytonvon says:

    what are the vocals saying on the theme song for the Gnooze? “sounds like- Hey wahts up! What sooo!!!

  19. I think it’s “It’s true, we’re through” — though I like to pretend that it’s “It’s true. It’s Gnooze.”

    Though I like yours, too 🙂

  20. You remind me of my younger self , Iam highly depressed most of the time now . well, I loved your little show .just be careful. cause there may not be aliens on mercury ,but our moon is crawling with them.

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