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  1. Norma you have every right to be upset by that!!!I would have been too.

  2. myfreshstart says:

    Hi! Congrats on your 100 lb weight loss! Love your hair too, you look great! Sorry to hear about that experience at the restaurant– too bad some people still judge and don’t care about people’s feelings. It takes courage to begin with to even ask something like that of a restaurant and for heaven’s sake, no one would to do that just to get a few dollars off a bill unless they had the surgery and really don’t want to waste food like you said. Their loss! You handled it really well.

  3. missmakeyourself says:

    it’s truly understandable that you would get upset i know if i were in your position i would get peeved as well. my partner is going to be having weight loss surgery & i hope she doesn’t come across something like this while i’m with her because i might have a little trouble keeping my cool. LOL. your hair looks fabulous. congrats on your weight loss!

  4. nanananabhappy says:

    I bet you would. LOL. I wish we lived close by. We would have so much fun doing things with our families. You make everyone feel like family. Actually we are…

  5. nanananabhappy says:

    I think that we as a community have to speak up.

  6. nanananabhappy says:

    Yes, but I also think that they have to start thinking about us as an important part of the community. We go to thse restaurants with our families.

  7. nanananabhappy says:

    Rosemary, you are always so positive. Sometimes I lt the Bradyqueenmom in me come out and I want to make it right for everyone. You know?LOL.

  8. nanananabhappy says:

    I always think of you Rosemary.:)

  9. nanananabhappy says:

    Well, they made alot of profit from me already.LOL Years of that food got me to where I was. I usually took my family wth me. Oh did I forget to mention 16 grandchildren, six kids (adults now) and their spouses? humm thats a pretty penny.LOL

  10. nanananabhappy says:

    Were are you at? maybe if you are close i will go pick you up.LOL

  11. nanananabhappy says:

    I really have to hone my computer sills. I’ve been practicing. What are you cooking up next? I loove your videos. I was gooing to make healthy mole for Gasttirose. on youtube.

  12. nanananabhappy says:

    we need to unite and take it up to the corporate offices. PS I already did.

  13. nanananabhappy says:

    Todd, we as a weight loss comunnity are not heard by most food businesses. Applebees has and a few others have very good menus that help us have those choices.. I commend those businesses that have. They will get our business.

  14. nanananabhappy says:

    Thanks for your support. I think we need to stand together on this as a communty. We need to ask questions and do something about these issues. TOGETHER. So go out there and stand up one place at a time.LOL

  15. nanananabhappy says:

    Dont let your partner deal with thse issues alone. We have to stand together.

  16. Imskinnyinside says:

    Do you know I didn’t have mole until a month ago or so for the first time? It was good!

  17. skymoon1982 says:

    Thanks for sharing w/ us. That was veyr interesting. I probably would have handled it the same way or maybe even gone off of him. LOL

  18. nanananabhappy says:

    You are so beautiful. He would probably bought you breakfast. Opps no offense to your hubby, LOL

  19. changeisgood46 says:

    I’ve never tried the card before, probably because I don’t want to have to deal with any of that hassle! I’m proud of you for being so nice. But, just from knowing you on youtube, I can’t imagine you being any other way!

    You did some education that day. Think of it that way. That young man will never question anyone again – I’m sure he could feel how uncomfortable the situation was. (at least I hope he could)

    Keep up the good work – you look wonderful!

  20. changeisgood46 says:

    I think showing our scars might be a good education for some of the youngsters that are waiting tables out there. I’m laughing just thinking about it!!!

  21. nanananabhappy says:

    Thank you, I always try to be a good person but I felt bad that day. My family are upset. We met someplace else this week.

  22. puhlease1 says:

    You were much more ladylike than I – I’d have lifted my shirt and shown him my scars, just to get him flustered LOL. I’m not surprised he asked you for proof initially (because there are people who will “cheat” by eating their food and the kid with them), but once you showed him the card, they should not have made you uncomfortable and paused at your table, etc. That was very unprofessional of them, and they deserved a complaint for that.

  23. clbroadway says:

    I’m trying to figure out what restraunt you were at…lol. It’s like a brain teaser.

  24. nanananabhappy says:

    it was norm’s LOL

  25. strongisfighting says:

    H there! Both of my dogs came from the pound and they are great dogs! It makes me sad when people buy dogs when there are so many good dogs out there who really need homes. Also, I used to work in a restaurant and can tell you that the profits margins are much higher on regular meals than on kid’s meals and that’s why they were giving you a hard time. They make less money when you eat a kids meal.