My Mom speaks about her new Vegan-ish ways…

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  1. jessica9258 says:

    u said u love milk and cheese….they make soy milk and soy cheese..its actually not tht bad..

  2. giouzerneim says:

    The link for the dicumentery in the sidebar is not valid anymore. Can you provide another one?

  3. VeganQueenBaby says:

    the link in the side bar is not valid anymore. I’d like to watch the documentary.
    all the best for your mum 🙂 and how is she doing now?

  4. harjpannu says:

    I turned veg last year I drink Soya milk but becoming a vegan that sounds really hard!

  5. Soulreaver11111 says:

    hopefully she can healthy really soon! wish you the best.

  6. fliuch says:

    Where do you live Porolita? I tried being vegan for 6 weeks but then went back to dairy for a few months and now I’m doing research and I would like to be vegan, permanently. But I live in Spain and it’s very hard as there aren’t many alternative products and eating out is going to be hard. How do you cope in such a society?

  7. porolita22 says:

    Vivo en Guatemala 🙂 yo he escuchado que hay muchos veganos en España ahora. Te puedo recomendar algunos amigos de youtube que conozco que viven en España tambien 🙂

  8. 1Vella says:

    Your mother has lovely eyes 🙂

  9. dianadelosmuertos says:

    make sure that the lecithin is vegan, it can be obtained from animal OR plant sources 🙂

  10. dianadelosmuertos says:

    your mom is cool. 😀

  11. marcluc1988 says:

    Very inspiring!

  12. pukyduska says:

    Quiero estos videos en Español (o ponles subtítulos) No entiendo bien el inglés (ignorante de mi, jajaja) Parecen interesantes pero no los entiendo!!!! jajaja

  13. jessLUVSdave says:

    They removed the documentary from YT. Is there somewhere else, like another site where I could watch it? If so, please provide the link. Thanks 🙂

    Kudos to your mom 🙂

  14. porolita22 says:

    Just updated the link… go watch!

  15. jessLUVSdave says:

    Thank you! I’m going to share this with my mom 😀

  16. porolita22 says:

    Oh man I know this was 3 months ago but I hadn’t seen your comment until now. I just updated the link for the documentary so you can check it out. Sorry for the delay!

  17. porolita22 says:

    I updated the link… sorry! You can try now and see it 🙂

  18. dalinaddei says:


  19. waltermarcelo says:

    Qué guapa que es tu mamá, Porolita!!

  20. porolita22 says:

    Gracias 😀

  21. ceciliawp27 says:

    Lamentablemente hasta que la gente que uno quiere, se enferma, es cuando empiezan a abrir los ojos. Felicitaciones para tu mami, ojalá poco a poco lo vaya viendo por la protección de los animales, además de poder alcanzar una óptima salud.

  22. GaryNull says:

    You have a smart Dr.
    Most dumb Dr.’s would just give you a pill.

  23. panteul says:

    Hi porolita, I just want to comment that you have great videos. You and your mom are doing a greate team. I undestand now why your little brother became vegan.
    what do youdo if some one who does’t not know that your vegan tells you about the fennefit of including a portion of chickn,or fish in ur meal is important?

  24. porolita22 says:

    I explain to them why that isn’t true. I’ve read a lot about vegan nutrition and can provide lots of useful information for a great conversation 🙂 There really isn’t any need for animal products in our diet whatsoever. It’s just a matter of doing a little research. We can find all nutrients our body needs in a helthy plant based diet.

  25. TheSuperAstro says:

    Vegan Love! 🙂

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