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  1. type1awareness says:

    Dad, you’re a hero too!! Thanks for sharing your message. You have taught me something today.

  2. corky4343 says:

    You video touched my heart but you forgot one important thing. YOU 🙂 Your a amazing father and husband 5 *

  3. birds16ful says:

    Hi my name is Michaela Schwartz & I am only 16 years old & I have mild Cerebral Palsy. I can walk by myself without waltzer or wheelchair. I can feed myself on my own.

  4. Elenisilelf says:

    That was AMAZING!! Im not one to cry @ movies or videos, but i was sobbing!! my sister has type 1 and that has been hard enough!! thats incredible!! remeber that God loves you no matter WHAT!!!

  5. As the parent of three special kids, I want to say how much I appreciated this video. God has blessed us. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  6. vanechotte says:

    i hope i can be as strong as you

  7. You have 11 beautiful children with 3 beautiful special need children
    You are a wonderful Dad.

  8. delicatepuzzle says:

    your story is truely amazing and makes me want to work extra hard to become a peds nurse! God Bless yoU and your family!

  9. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    Truely touching, you have inspired me deeply. God bless your family.

  10. xxxx59xxxx says:

    where was god?

    he’s in heaven laughing at your family

  11. jigglemaster7 says:

    stop having kids if youre retarded

  12. wow you are strong, take care

  13. lukewazhere says:

    stop having children. god is not real. im not saying this to be a mean person, im saying this because people like yourself need to stop seeing things in a fairytale world and wake up. your a very strong person for being able to make it through this, and i commend you, but i would strongly recommend taking action to prevent further births. you obviously do not have the genes necessary to produce healthy children, so why bring something into this world that has no chance at a normal life?

  14. fatherof9daughters says:

    I respect your opinion but please get the facts straight.
    1. What do stepchildren’s health have to do with my genes?
    2. Cerebral palsy is caused by a brain injury, not bad genes. If a drunk driver hit you and caused a brain injury would it be your parents fault?
    3. Children are not things.
    4. Normal is the standard by which life is worth living? How about a mother with 6 handicapped kids due to her STD. Would you advise her to abort the next child? If so you would have killed Mozart.

  15. jlstraley1 says:

    You are a TRULY AMAZING FATHER and you have the most wonderful children.

  16. i had 2 died from cancer and our youngest has cp and bedridden for 23 years…can’t talk..can’t do anything for himself.. he gave us hope and contentment..because of them we learned how to care and give love.. i’ll be praying for your family..keep the faith and God will always provide are strong.. 🙂

  17. atalie1218 says:


    Whoever you are, God does exist and I feel sorry for your soul, for you will never know happiness and joy and what life is really about. I have a disabled son and he is my testimony. People like you, will never understand what it means to be a parent and I feel sorry for you. Have some respect… these children are all beautiful and if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything and keep your thoughts to yourself. GOD IS LOVE, get it right.

  18. atalie1218 says:


    You are an idiot.

  19. This is the love of our Lord! God bless you!

  20. killthetorment says:

    @atalie1218 The only reason he says those things is because he is lacking in life one way or another he doesnt have children or if he does he truly does not love them because a love for you children would make you understand why you cannot just abort your child its not as easy as he is try to make it sound

  21. tanyajoy629 says:

    Absolutely beautiful video. I cannot thank you enough for having the courage to post this, nor can I explain how much you have helped me by doing so.
    May God bless us all with His wisdom.

  22. JnessBent says:

    my daughter go meningitis when she was 5weeks old, and she had 3 strokes she now has epilepsy seizures, cerbal palsly and also a G-Tube as well, she moves all for and says mom, that makes me happy:) im so glad Emma is doing better! i woul do anthing to just see my daughter take one step! Seein ur daughter take that step ment the world to me! my daughter is also Blind, i do see an improvment on her eyes so thats a good thing!!! All they really need is LOVE for there parents!

  23. CrabbyTalk says:

    Thanks for sharing that video!!! I love people who don’t understand. Their comments are funny I think. When my son was born and they said he would not make it. I prayed hard and my prayers were answered. I would hate at that time not to have faith in anything what would you do. That would be so lonely and empty. anyway love your video’s I know we both have allot in common but to have one son with cerebral palsy is a handful you are my hero to have 2 children. I bet your tiered. haha I know I am.

  24. jaz3mummy says:

    What a touching video, you do a wonderful job as a father and a husband.
    God bless you all.

  25. goddamgeorgeliquor says:

    lol, this is more proof that there IS no such thing as a ‘god’.