My henna gloss : preparing (Pt I)

12 Responses to My henna gloss : preparing (Pt I)

  1. MsHairGuru says:

    i can’t wait until pt2. i have only recently wanted to try henna but didn’t know how. where did u buy ur jamila henna from?

  2. nunaavane says:

    hi i am gonna post the link in the box, tks for pointing that out ;-))

  3. blessingsgirl says:

    ca fait du bien aux cheveux!
    Waiting for part 2!

  4. tamonibe says:

    I use a ayurvedic bowl (looks like a medicine bowl). I really like your mixture.Your little girl is so cute, send a picture of her. Love the video! Can’t wait for part 2!

  5. nunaavane says:

    lol, tks a lot 😉
    it will be there very soon 😉

  6. nunaavane says:

    lol, oui c génial 😉

  7. missgas67 says:

    what dose hena do for the hair?

  8. CherryAdeee says:

    it strengthens the hair and makes it thicker.

  9. CherryAdeee says:

    your daughters so cute “ce quoi ? what is it? ! “henna” her response “oooooooo”lol

  10. nunaavane says:

    loooool, tks
    and tks for answering the message above 😉

  11. HennaSooq says:

    amazing video 🙂

  12. nunaavane says:

    thank you 😉

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