1. BethinNCblogger says:

    Let me tell you girl! That dang pizza. I had some last night at the tree lot because we were too busy to do anything but order PIZZA. I only ate one piece and all of the stuff my daughter didn’t want from hers. I was thirsty and drank a lot of water afterwards. The scales didn’t look so good this morning (retaining the water) and I was hungry all afternoon (and I’m usually NOT). It was strange. I broke my fast at 4:30pm.

    Girl, I need for you to come MAKE me get my house in order. Ha.

  2. freespirithome says:

    I just finished eating some carrots, peppers and blue cheese, and the pizza is just about out of the oven. Randy did add ham also,,lol.

    Could be the weekend Beth? Paula can have a harder time on the weekends. Also when I start to get like that, the ‘hungry’ feeling, I hand it over to the Lord. If we think about it girl,,we REALLY are not that hungry. We have NEVER experienced TRUE hunger if you think about it, when we see the third world truly experience hunger. Give your ‘hunger to Jesus…

  3. freespirithome says:

    Well if I got dizzy I sure couldn’t be doing all that I’m doing. Believe it or not but I was having dizzy spells ALL the time before I started eating this way. Dizzy spells, seeing spots, almost fainting spells where I had to sit down. I got really scared near the end (end of staying obese). I thought I was dying during that time…

  4. BethinNCblogger says:

    Nope, the weekends don’t normally bother me and I was soooo busy today that I haven’t had time to sit down. It had to of had something to do with the pizza. See, I don’t eat white bread/flour. So it did something that made me crave it more. I won’t be eating that on a regular basis. Ha. But yes, I stayed away from food all day. The hunger wasn’t that great, but it was there (where normally I forget about food). Love you dear.

  5. i get dizzy spells sometimes and my heart races but once im released from this fat i think that will stop i have changed my eating habbits …thanks for ur vids u r helping save lifes

  6. freespirithaven says:

    That was probably it Beth..the white flour,,TRIGGER for you….I’m trying to think what my trigger is..used to be chips but I don’t eat them anymore…well the pizza is out of the oven. Get this,,,I have pizza salad. I cut in cubes that pizza (slice) like crouton size, and add it to salad..oh my goodness it is very delicious. I think I may have started something. Pizza Salad

  7. BethinNCblogger says:

    You’re right. White flour is a big trigger for me. It is evil – ha. Yummy, but evil.

    Enjoy your delicious meal. Love! b

  8. hislivingsacrifice says:

    Aren’t you worried about messing up your metabolism? Isn’t fasting unhealthy?? LOL, NOT!!! I laughed out loud when you mentioned the part about the pizza being fattening and NOT a “diet” food. Great video Sis and way to go with keeping your house in order. Love ya!! Oh and my weekends are getting better. No challenge today, yay!

  9. Seedcovers says:

    Thank the Lord for changing lives! I have cream in my coffee too. Good job on getting house work done.

  10. gracerenewed says:

    I hear ya about the ‘diet’ food. Who wants to live that way? I want the real thing and NOT a substitute!

  11. SweetNSassy126 says:

    Hi Angela! I think what you, Paul and Beth are doing is amazing and I’m routing for your girls 110%! It’s totally working for you all!

    Thank you for stopping by my page the other day! 🙂 I’m glad I found your channel!

  12. freespirithaven says:

    AMEN AMEN AMEN GIRL!!!~! yahooooooooooo

  13. freespirithaven says:

    Oh Seeds, God has been working on the housework part in BIG WAYS,,I’m blown away. I’ve been doing devotionals at my Free Spirit Haven blog on House and Home, sharing about the struggles of desiring to be a Proverbs 31 Woman and the stronghold of procrastination and laziness.

    And yes,,THANK YOU JESUS for changing lives…

  14. freespirithaven says:

    oh girl…I was getting like that A LOT. I was starting to get a bit scared. It would happen throughout the day (not every day)….I believe as you begin being released, yes, you will find that A LOT of symptoms you have been experiencing will not longer bother you anymore..

  15. freespirithaven says:

    Not eat breakfast? Don’t you know you NEVER lose weight when your ‘starving’ yourself like this?”

    starving myself,,,wait till the people see the pizza pic I’m sharing on my blog and THAN tell me I’m starving,,LOL

    Randy stated yesterday,,’you complained when I was eating this way and telling me I would never lose weight’…he was eating IF LONG before I ever was..

    “So Randy, I was wrong, you were right, so start eating that way again’. LOL

  16. msixpackabs says:

    wow…you’ve done a lot of things in just a few hours

  17. freespirithome says:

    It’s AMAZING the transformation that has been NOT only in me, but my marriage, parenting, relationships and homemaking.

    Weekends were HELL in this house for MANY years..God IS good.

  18. freespirithome says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Sassy,,it is a blessing to know God is surrounding me with a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ to lift me up in prayer…

    I’m glad the Lord lead you here too..TOTALLY not by chance girl.

  19. cutechoclatechip says:

    thats awesome! God is so good and you are so inspiring!

  20. cutechoclatechip says:

    oh one question do you eat in between a certain window hours or just one meal?

  21. freespirithome says:

    I eat my supper,, usually at around 5:30 -6:00 p.m….I may have dessert,,and sometimes I will have that a few hours later (say we are enternaining). Usually it is one meal a day. There are times I will have a piece of fruit in the evening later (especially in the summer time)…

  22. 4evasugarfree says:

    I am trying this.Today is my first day.I had coffee and cream thismorning and was wondering if the cream is ok?If it is, can I drink it throughout the day?Its lunch time now and I’m getting a little hungry! I’ll hold out as long as I can.Hopefully not before 3pm.

  23. freespirithaven says:

    Sorry that I didn’t get back sooner. Daughter on the computer,lol. I DO have cream or milk in my coffee. I do not adhere to the Fast 5 diet but the way that the Lord God has lead me to eat. Fast two meals a day. Liquids are different. When I first started out living this life style I would have orange juice around mid afternoon. Will be saying a prayer for you sweetie…once you start, you will be amazed at the energy level and joy you have! Blessings

  24. hegaveall4me says:

    big thanks for the videos here on you tube . you seem to have a deep gentle passionate spirit . just beautiful . so genuine . i started the fast 5 diet 3 weeks ago . you are so right when you talk about the changes on the inside . what can i say …. we are blessed !!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. freespirithaven says:

    amen..we are blessed. Mark 9:29 truly speaks of being released, changes being made…Thank you so much for your beautiful words spoken over my spirit. Blessings.

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