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  1. man what a fun way to explain the REAL gags of muscle building and good diet

  2. that’s some funny shit…

  3. “You Get Ya Blender Ready”………..

  4. how long will it take me to look like the haulk??!? Your voices sound like a mix of asian and mexican rofl.

  5. “you gonna kick your OWN ass!” rofl, cool vid man;-D

  6. rickalex21 says:

    Love this guys… LMAO, all the other videos take working out so seriously. They funny.

  7. eric0samuel says:

    lol the best nutrition video on youtube. very entertaining and informative

  8. GuiltySpark21 says:

    Great video, funny and Informative.

  9. mikemeiis says:

    u take the shake after right??

  10. evilchickenman6667 says:

    works best if u drink and eat before because right as you finish your workout your body is already absorbing the food in your stomach. it can give up to a 10% decrease in time your body takes to rebuild muscle

  11. the beat drop and the breakdancing was intense haha what song is that

  12. Unknown4586 says:

    that last part was most important, i needed to know what to eat afterwords, gave me an idea

  13. That was…interesting…but informative. Thanks.

  14. bimbloksh says:

    thats the best post-training meal video i seen.

  15. damn i hate it wen informative vids try to be funny