MSG Monosodium Glutamate the secret

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  1. diggn4richez says:

    KFC’s secret recipe?

  2. ericmreitz says:

    Just for medical reasons and having a better brain performance and muscles I want to take a little glut amine.As I have heard Glut amine can be converted to glutamate in a cycle called “the GABA-glutamine cycle”.And as you may know high amount of Glutamate can kill the neurons in the brain.So what I wanted to know is that,Is glut amine converted to glutamate naturally and finally causes the self-destruction of the neuron cells ?

  3. iskdude57 says:

    not really bro, shitty food really does make for a shitty mind and a unhealthier body. People usually get sick from eating fast food it’s not in their diet. I get a big ass headache when I eat that stuff.

  4. canisdormit says:

    “Not really bro” I like your well thought, factual statement–NOT.
    Put a link here to an accredited scientific publication in which a study has concluded that MSG in doses that average people consume today is unhealthy. The best you will find is a study done by “scientists” whose degrees come from a desktop printer. Just because you believe everything you hear or see doesn’t necessarily make it true, but you will certainly continue believing the hype. Did your H1N1 shot yet LOL!!!!

  5. canisdormit says:

    Also, glutamate is something that is in almost everything you consume, so you can change your diet all you want, you’re still eating glutamate every day.

  6. LeGrande says:

    I wonder if this person is also against eating anything that is baked. (Why would someone be against eating baked goods? Because the process of baking creates something called acrylamides, which are known carcinogens.)

  7. 7068073421RobotSoniC says:

    the joker is on the loose and contaminating our foods with smilex.

  8. mellowtonen says:

    take a look around, thats all it takes, obesity is sky rocket and the #1 food eaten is fast food, and there is MSG in almost every fast food meal, so thats a good enough link that it’s unhealthy, not to mention the brain damage it causes, just look at the entertainment(music,tv shows) we follow, it’s garbage dumbed down shit! peoples brains are being killed so they start thinking Lil Wayne is a great rapper and American Idol is a great show. Its garbage! word

  9. ShottyAtIlluminati says:

    @canisdormit There’s a difference between glutamate as it occurs in nature and the free glutamate that is otherwise known as MSG.

  10. canisdormit says:

    I can tell by your screenname that you’re a phd (in lunacy). Nothing I say to you will open your eyes, so you just go on believing in chemtrails, 911 conspiracies and the like. In the end, you’re still going to die just like every other human.

  11. canisdormit says:

    There’s msg in almost every processed food. And it’s fucking hilarious that now we’re living longer than ever in american history. Hmm, must be the extra msg that’s giving us life. You go ahead and stop eating it, I’d suggest you switch to koolaid, but I’m sure you already imbibe that daily, or hourly.

  12. ShottyAtIlluminati says:

    @canisdormit Haha, my eyes are wide open buddy, it is you who can’t see. Funny that you mention chemtrails, even TV news has reported on toxic ingredients in chemtrails, I’m sure you trust TV news as a source of truth, so here you go:


  13. ShottyAtIlluminati says:

    The obvious reason they include it is because it is addictive and makes food artificially taste better, in other words for profit, but it serves more than one purpose. It also is obviously unhealthy, and who benefits from more people being sick? Big Pharma companies, so this is also another profit motive behind it.
    On top of that it dumbs down the population and shortens their life span, which is basically eugenics.

  14. canisdormit says:

    I bet you know where the government hid the roswell aliens too.

  15. whytemyst32 says:

    and obesity is at an all time high, what’s your point?

  16. canisdormit says:

    my point is that you’re too stupid to even use the internet.

  17. Jesussavestheday2day says:

    @ShottyAtIlluminati that canisdormit is a real tool, I know the truth of NWO, people like that are exactly who they need to make us all look like we’re crazy, time is coming when dormit and all the other doubters will see the face or faces behind the mask.

  18. MapleSephiroth says:

    Haha…. she said nuts.

  19. RandyBful1 says:

    People living longer is pure propaganda, you fucking moron!

  20. sanmarcos2552 says:

    you stupid fuck…. sounds like you already drank plenty of koolaid yourself. Look up incidences of autism amongst quakers vs average americans. You’ll see they have virtually none and in everyone else it’s skyrocketed. I hope your childish logic grows up someday, for your sake. “but we live longer” – you are so fucking misinformed. Way to flaunt your ignorance!

  21. TheMIDIfiles says:

    Yum Yum You are what you eat

  22. consceincePride says:

    People are not living any longer. But we have far less famine and premature infant this in 1800’s the beginning of scientific discoveries such as insulin and antibiotics. Knowing than most people where hard working laborers with oppressed genuine poverty.
    we are living longer is an absolute myth and a lie made by masonic governments and pharmaceutical companies , to sell more medications to the gullible and credulous people like you.

  23. eviltube1111 says:

    god’s plan, god’s food. loooool stopped watching there.

  24. patricknelson says:

    Aside from the religious crap, this is VERY good advice!

  25. patricknelson says:

    @consceincePride – Actually, people in America are living MUCH longer compared to 1800’s. You’re wrong on your first fact. And no, that’s not a conspiracy — that’s actual science (please research).

  26. patricknelson says:

    @consceincePride – Actually, people in America are living MUCH longer compared to 1800’s. You’re wrong on your first fact. And no, that’s not a conspiracy — that’s actual science (please research).

  27. jackster1990 says:

    is this a joke? lmfao

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