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  1. RedRainBoots12 says:

    i meet this kid at the movies.
    i nearly cried.

  2. i know this kid he is so cool i play baseball with him he is confident funny he is the heart of our team god bless you aughty god bless

  3. jambilicious says:

    that’s my cousin. i love him so much and i really hope he has a long life. a long, wonderful life. i love him so much.

  4. Wow! Dis kids deadly!Hopefuly i’l neva av ta deal wit type 1, i’m constantly at threat for type 2 coz of my only kidney putn so much stress on my body bu afta hearn abou type 1 i’l count myself lucky, coz at least i can control it! Hopefuly i nevr get it obviously!Bu wow dis kid is an inspiration and fair play to his mom too. It musta bin hard to get up and sing i no i wudn b able ta do it! Ne way fair play to ya Austin and i wish u d best of luck.
    Slan leat

  5. LilyoOoLunaoOo says:

    Currently crying right now…

  6. carricksarah says:

    i love this video!
    it kinda gives ne the feeling that more people care about diabetes than you think even know about it!
    does anyone know what he done this for??

  7. The song was performed at a JDRF Gala in Kansas City MO. The gala was held to build awareness and raise funds for research to cure diabetes.

  8. ohxxdangxxitsxxsarah says:

    he was at the gladfest.
    and i doubt mikala almost cried when she saw him at the movies.

  9. musicjammer3535 says:

    that is so cute i love it

  10. blueismyfavorite says:

    omg omg AUSTIN.
    i know him!!!
    he’s my bestest friend haha.
    he is so cool.
    i’m glad i know him and his amazing voice!

  11. FireSwirls009 says:

    i know him too. he’s awesome!!!

  12. fulltimeaction21 says:

    ya my friend has that. i try to make it fair wat i can eat and all the sugar thing. Her name is Andrea Ball. Good luck and do you have a pump?

  13. i know thiis kid he plays on my baseball team we cool he is really a tough kid when i look at him it seems noting is wrong with hom he always is happy except when we r losing

  14. 1994starr says:

    i wish you the best of luck kid i luv the video

  15. ashtis1fan says:

    i kno this kid its austin i go to skool wit him..i have master choir with him too.

  16. Lovely – thanks for posting!

  17. CureType1Diabetes says:

    I play this video repeatedly…it says it all as a mom. Even on the 100th view, I still get teary. What a magnficent child.

  18. TamesisShamlyn says:

    So talented at such a young age, and even more talented now.

    Love you, Austin. Stay healthy.

  19. mcrrocker913 says:

    Austin is amazing. He is in a rockband now… with me. :]

  20. missiluvtosing says:

    heya xx ur amazing xx hope u have a really good future xx u r soo cute..x this song is so good it makes me want to cry x i keep watching it xx its so inspiring xx good luck x

  21. arlenerogerswilhite says:

    May God bless you lil man and your mother too! thanks to whomever posted this. My niece has diabetes at age 8 and I wish the words of this song for her. god bless all the children suffering the disease and any sickness this is beautiful to whoever wrote it.

  22. This is exactly how a mother feels!! My son was diagnosed when he was 9mths old, he’s 8 now, and this is how I feel!!

  23. tarishope says:

    This is how I feel, my daughter was diagnosed at 21 weeks old

  24. tangerine1384 says:

    Get the Ray Allen Muze premium T-shirt and help fund research looking to cure juvenile diabetes. 100% proceeds go to JDRF. Get yours at the Muze Clothing website.