Diabetes is one of the deadliest and most feared diseases afflicting mankind all over the world. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes the first thing you should know is that although it is not 100% curable but if you follow certain health norms in your daily routine you can keep it under control. In this article let us find out some of the natural ways through which diabetes can be kept at a level which is not dangerous for your health and discuss about some of the natural remedies which are very helpful for people suffering from diabetes.

Consequences Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which pancreas almost stop working as a result of which insulin levels are almost reduced to nil in the body resulting in rise of blood glucose levels in the body causing lot of health complications and if not looked after can even result in blindness, multi organ failure and even death.

Some Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes Control
There are some proven home remedies which diabetic persons can take. One of the most widely used home remedy is karela which almost a staple diet for a diabetic person because it greatly helps lower blood sugar level in the body.


In ayurveda which is the oldest system of medicine known to mankind certain herbs have been mentioned which help in treating diabetes. Some of the most potent ayurvedic herbs are eurycoma sylvestre and salacia oblonga. Eurycoma Sylvestre has been found to direct the pancreas to produce more beta cells which are a major source of insulin while salacia oblonga not only brings down the blood sugar levels but also help in loosing weight which is a major source of problem for diabetic people.

Some Popular Herbal Medicines For Diabetes

Although there are many herbal medicines available in the market for controlling diabetes but while buying make sure you buy only the one in which best quality herbs have been used. Some of the popular herbal medicines for diabetes type 2 are glucolo and diabosal. Both these medicines have some positive customer reviews affirming their efficacy levels.

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