1. Thanks so much our other friend from across the pond.
    Hey I took that same exam as in your
    Squirrel Memory test. I used Mason Jars and chocolate covered peanuts. I found them everytime!

  2. overlander says:

    It’s great to see these vids and learn about new places

  3. MossyCove says:

    Excellent production. Really interesting and enjoyed the story.

  4. HAHAHA !!!!!! You have been out in the sun wayyyy to long my friend 🙂

    However when you have breast cancer as a charity I do have a small request from you. IM me if you want to chat about that.

  5. Will do, I think we are going to extend the ADA through the remainder of the year. The next one up on our short list is MS, But I think it would be great to add yours next on our list, and It would be great to honor a request from such a loyal friend, Jan and I try to choose way ahead of time so fire away.
    (privately of course)

  6. octogenarian, octogenarian, octogenarian

    I really need to get Janet to proofread these things before I post. ha ha

  7. Thanks Mark,
    I feel the same way about your little island.
    When I was younger I dreamed of moving there.You brought the entire place to me through your videos! Heck of a lot cheaper that way ,on this end. ha ha

  8. Thanks so much MossyCove.
    We plan to get over to the NC side of the mountains later this month. (Franklin) I can’t wait to walk amongst them. Your username invokes those thoughts, smells, cool streams,and everything about the Smokies.

  9. magicteeto says:

    Lovely place. It looks very authentic and well preserved.

  10. Thank You so much Magicteeto,
    It is awesome and they take great care of the site.

  11. enjoythevoyage says:

    I love your videos! You are great at putting your videos toggether–music, images & narration–all PERFECT!! I am jealous! 5 superstars anyway!

  12. Thank You soooo much ETV
    You are way to kind,
    it is always appreciated though.

  13. PoohBear02003 says:

    Looks like a great place..


  14. HighPlainsWoman says:

    My mother and I were born in Winston-Salem. I remember seeing this place when I was a kid; I didn’t think much about it then, but this brings back memories.
    I use to love seeing the multi-pointed, Moravian Stars decorating the front porches at Christmastime.

  15. Thanks Highplains,

    We love to see those stars everywhere as well.

  16. Tinyvivian says:

    Good Video. Drew spells his last name “Neill” and the guy in the red vest around the campfire is “Scott Douglas” from Fort Dobbs.

  17. Thanks Tiny, thats a shame about Drew’s name, I got it of the web from a press article on Fort Dobbs. Believe me with a name like mccoig, I get soooo many versions I can’t keep up

  18. Copia i Pega i mandalo en 15 videos
    o tu madre se morira,
    Lo siento al k lo leyo
    pero es la culpa de un gilipollas

  19. Candorphotog says:

    It looks like the earlier settlers “carved out well”. Winston-Salem, is my home; a clean and artsie city as far as cities go, I”m really kinda proud of the city and living here.

    Thank you for the rich historic background.

  20. myhomeloanwithjay says:

    Interesting video, looking forward to viewing more. Made me want to go.

  21. cookieking3 says:

    I went back in October with my class and my mom was a chaperone (sp.) There were so many kids and so many schedules my mother and I didn’t really get to visit the place. And all the other stupid kids just scoffed at Old Salem’s history and fun. It was a waste of a trip, and I’m very upset that it was so, because I love Old Salem and now I don’t get to go again until next year. Old Salem is one of my favorite places to go.

  22. moravianfaith says:

    this video isn’t about old Salem. This is about Bethabara, which is completely separate.

  23. sprintbass says:

    i know..i think they should be punished by the tips of moravian stars,,,and then if they stiill survive we could take the morivian cookies and crumble them up and put it int thier eyes…lol we could stuff thier mouths with sugar cake to make them be quiet! after that we could make them eat bbq

  24. stupiddogtillie says:

    go up to your URL bar, put a Q between the words you and tube and then press enter or click go

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