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  1. I have a celebrity news site for teens. It has news on miley cyrus, jonas brothers, selena gomez, and lots of other teen celebs. I have about $1500 to spend on advertising. What should I do with it?

  2. toyota4you says:

    Because they converted the video from an interlaced source to a progressive. The scene of the ball falling was SLOWED down slightly and your seeing i & p frame muxing. Its that moment of blur as somethings moving when you pause a regular dvd. 1/2 of the field (video frame) was the grass and the other half of the frame was the ball (hence why its see-thru). You can learn more by reading about 480i/480p/720p/1080i video standards. Interlacing stinks and causes what you just saw.

  3. Its not promotional, this really did happen. I live in Utah and it was all over the news and I saw the full video of it from a different perspective which showed the whole ball.

  4. eurogoldexchange says:

    He probably became richer than the other 6 figure guys..

  5. 12alltel12 says:

    lol lucky bastard

  6. filleraol says:

    gotta feel sorry for the guy he’s playing with, with all those people walking in his line

  7. Dfanatic1 says:

    Too bad it happened in the US. All those taxes … ouch!

  8. 1:42 Or this lucky bastard is a midget (as well the others) or the dude behind him is a giant.

  9. andrenyc…..your an idiot.that GIANT is Mark Eaton…you know the famous basketball player for the utah jazz. Hes 7.2 so of course he looks taller than the “average” person. This is the “MARK EATON CLASSIC GOLF TOURNAMENT” you retard.

  10. nutritionalsoul says:

    Good for him, I love that kind of stuff. So what if he has to pay 50% in taxes he just made $500,000.00

  11. aloefgren says:

    chances to a MILLION dollar hole-in-one got to be way less, since you need to make it at exact that competition 🙂 haha

  12. XxhossmossxX says:

    dude i know Mark Eaton and the guy who filmed this. its not fake. not by a long shot.

  13. BigEdgePoker says:

    nobody else has noticed… watch the video after everyone gets up and walks forward, there is a guy who is about 7 foot 6 inches

  14. DillholeJENKINS says:

    hes 7’4″ it says it at the end

  15. BigEdgePoker says:

    haha, didnt see that, what a great domain name

  16. AsDaylightDiez says:

    I know this guy in person, his daughter goes to my school, he’s in my ward at church too. Pretty awesome.

  17. StefanH1234 says:

    hahaha, thats awesome glad it went to the guys that earnt less than six figures xD

  18. unlimited00 says:

    announcer guy sounds like he’s eating peanut butter.

  19. And why would someone go to the trouble to do that….in full view of spectators…I mean if they can see the ball go in they could see someone roll it in…does this mean that they rented the huge tent, cast all those people,got someone to videotape it, to be a fraud?

  20. JonKinchIsLegit says:

    WHAT THE FUCK there is a giant in this video

  21. xdrawnout1 says:

    @JonKinchIsLegit lol

  22. mikezboy2 says:

    i like how right before the ball goes in, a guy says HOLY SHIT

  23. cagada dah porra numca mais ele faz isso

  24. Monkeyboy92037 says:

    no there isn’t