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  1. Chrisisms says:

    @batigol47 Plant hormones are not as strong as animal hormones and plants are all producers, not consumers. Herbs have more hormones. All food starts with plants. If the hormones in plants were problematic, the hormones in animals would be far worse than they already are for humans to consume.

  2. @roadolive and then they get upset at you cuz you can read. There are alot of ppl who are walking zombies

  3. roadolive says:

    I could never figure that out either, bad stuff is right there plain as day on the labels! But no it must be okay to consume because TV tells me so. Just ugh..

  4. @roadolive and its getting uglier by the minute

  5. batigol47 says:

    That depends entirely on what you mean by “stronger”. Furthermore, all plants are NOT just producers. There are dozens of species of carnivorous plant.
    All food does NOT start with plants. Even if it did, your logic does not follow. By being secondary consumers we reap benefits from the primary consumers already converting plant material into other forms for us to use. There are any number of plants we cannot eat ourselves, but that energy reaches us through our eating of other animals.

  6. roadolive says:

    Do you mean cats? Most people feed cows milk to those, but I’ll be happy to know if there’s another species other than humans that drinks milk from another o.o

  7. batigol47 says:

    There is not an omnivore on this planet that will not drink milk when given the opportunity. Not one. Dogs, Raccoons, Bears, pigs. They will all drink milk if it is provided for them. It is entirely an issue of opportunity. The only difference is that humans have figured out how to make milk available to them all the time.

  8. Chrisisms says:

    ‘They will all drink milk’
    Humans are the ONLY animal that drink milk across species.

    ‘humans have figured out how to make milk available’
    Not milk but parasitic excretions. Humans remain lactating as long as the baby is being breastfed up til about 7 yrs of age. Beyond that humans haven’t figured out how to keep mom lactating naturally.
    Humans also ‘figured out’ how to administer chemotherapy for breast cancer from consuming cow milk…

  9. Chrisisms says:

    Plants are producers. u may consume venus fly traps if u want. That is your decision.
    In summary, the point u avoid is that hormones both natural and synthetic in animals have adverse affects on humans while plants are not as risky.

    Humans digest plants best with opposing digestive processes to meat consumption and plants reverse all your disease styles associated with meat consumption.

    Humans are frugivores, digesting fruit best.

  10. kmarinas86 says:

    I question the need for milk in an adult human diet. In nature, do adult animals drink milk? If so, how do adult animals get milk? By sucking tits? What if humans did that? This is why I am beginning to believe soy, rice, almond, and hemp milk are better answers. Leave the cow’s milk for calves to drink.

  11. @kmarinas86 So true, no other mammal on the planet drinks milk after it’s been weaned. It is not part of a healthy diet, but rather part of healthy profits for corporations and the National Dairy Board. In addition, IGF-I (natural growth hormone) has been link to cancer cell growth – hmmm, cancer, another multi billion dollar industry. Drinking the body fluids from another mammal, does not do a body good. Agreed that soy, hemp, rice and almond are excellent choices.

  12. TheWesleykyle says:

    Remove soy from your list and you got it.

    Biggest problem with soy is it has been abducted by Monsanto’s GMO agenda.

    Personally i dont milk drink at all. No cheese either 🙁 And i seem to be doin O.K!

  13. @TheWes I still think if U eliminate “isolated soy protein” & can eat on occasion, whole organic soybean, tempu, or miso soup, well that is healthy. What Monsanto has done 2 soy is criminal & what the corporations have added to prepacked foods as substitutes & fillers & called healthy, is also criminal. I always say, eat as close to nature as possible. If you can’t see what it looked like originally, then don’t eat it. Oh, as for dairy, blah, body fluids from strange mammals. No thanks.

  14. why is the only country that seems to have these food problems is the united states, countries that get their food from the united states, and countries that farm like the united states. humans have been eating all these bad foods for phucking years. now all of a sudden its such a problem. its not milk thats a problem, its all the crap they feed the cows. it won’t be to much longer, till you starve because foods will all be phucked up. they always have a better way,

  15. how can you get calcium from a plant grown in sterile soil? even organic is grown in worthless soil. everything grown these days is GMO, bio-tech. this includes organic.

  16. maybe those countries have such a high rate of cancer because of the wars fought their. the countries are full of left over crap from 2 wars, let alone nuclear waste. let add to they farm like the united states.

  17. Dryleafswarrior says:

    ……… I will never look at milk the same way after it said, “Your drinking someone else’s body fluids”

  18. monkeymuggs says:

    the main problem is factory farming, they subsidize everything. The private enterprise feeds on nothing but money and it gets worse and worse every year.

  19. Dominguez543 says:

    on my god. I always get sick from drinking milk anyways.

  20. RaphaelLeona says:

    Oh God, First milk and then this and that… I think 50 years from now, people will not be allowed to eat anything else because, they feed animals with those hormones and stuff, and vegetables has pesticides and it gets only worse, basically Man is destroying It’s own food.. fact!!

  21. MeqaHarley1234 says:

    chic peas have 150 grams of calcium per 100 grams yeah right mr “genius”

  22. I buy organic milk now……..but am not convinced it is safe is not raw

  23. @gypsy43 From what I see, you are one brilliant individual. Please, stop drinking bodily fluids from mammals. My doctor told me years ago that the first things humans should eliminate from their diets are all dairy products. I researched this and I know I made the best decision of my life. Diary is the number one cancer growth promoter…. have a look at a couple links I’ve posted. Many more out there…. try almond milk drinking and calcium and soy milk for cooking.

  24. Last sentence should say – try drinking almond milk for calcium and using soy milk for cooking.
    I must be dyslexic ;o(