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  1. kangarooelaine says:

    vegetarian since 1982
    vegan since 2007

  2. Opsomaniac says:

    Haha, I used to walk every day for over an hour going to school, but then I when I started taking the bus to school.

  3. eynshamrood says:

    “In general, vegans and vegetarians are healthy people. We have lower incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other ailments.”

    The china study (the study not the book about the study) does not support your claims.

    The healthiest people they found ate 5-10% animal protein. That happens to be the same ratio which gives the best longevity.

    If you are going to try to make arguments based on logic, you might want to learn the supporting science.

  4. SomeDudeK says:

    The “mental” benefits which you descride, I would like to mention are all sunjective to a single being as we all have diffrent values, morals etc.

    They might be health benefits, but then again the is subjective towards the person.

    For me going vegitrian for some time, mind you I did it properly, I only had negative effects towards me, could not sleep, sick very often. Went back to eating meat and slowly things went back to normal for me.

  5. kangarooelaine says:


  6. kangarooelaine says:

    The “study” was a bunch a data. Only people can draw conclusions.

  7. eynshamrood says:

    Yes. Scientific studies are typically made up of data. I know you prefer to make your judgements based on pure emotion & cult beliefs.

    Science doesn’t work that way. It is why vegans like you damage your cause. Scientists, like me, take one look at your comments and are horrified at the stupidity you promote.

  8. eynshamrood says:

    And I note that you like to post the parts of the study that promote your agenda while ignoring (and lying about) the parts that don’t.

    That isn’t objective. It is naked intellectual dishonesty and earns you nothing but contempt from intelligent people.

    Have fun working with the lowest common denominator.

  9. She’s a vegan and an atheist! I’m in!

  10. obiwanceleri says:

    @eynshamrood = Let me read you your scientist’s Miranda rights:
    – You have the right to keep your mind closed
    – All you can think and talk about can be held against you when you apply for a grant
    – You can choose to espouse no theory and then blame those who did when they are proven wrong (and say you always taught it was true when they are proven right).

    So go peacefully eat a juicy, common denominator burger if vegetarianism is not for you, ok?

  11. obiwanceleri says:

    I’m considering going vegan myself. I’m not sure why but I think I’m ripe, I guess. Just wondering how it will affect my creativity – As a writer that means a lot to me.
    As far as religious / philosophical inclinations are concerned, when I become humble and put my ego aside, there is much that is clearer. So I don’t consider myself an atheist – rather open; there are curiously many answers to most questions. I pick and choose and try to build something that rings true 🙂

  12. I don’t understand what you mean by “being more in sync with your values”.

    I’m considering vegetarianism to improve my concentration and mood, but I didn’t find your video very informative in that respect.

  13. kangarooelaine says:

    sorry, but I can’t be everything for everyone

  14. I really admire that you quit smoking and became vegan. I was vegetarian for one year and i completely agree that one feels better and balanced.. it is definitely not only about body health, because the body is so connected to the mind. I’d like to go back to be veggie, but its so hard in this environment im living in, though its one of my goals.
    By the way, you’re beautiful : )

  15. I totally agree that emotional health is linked to our physical well-being! I know for myself, being a Christian has helped me to find meaning in life and show me that life is bigger than myself. I know even C.S. Lewis, a great author, used to be an athiest and as he pursued to disprove Christianity, he became a Christian in his pursuit. I’m not telling you what to do, but I would say be open to explore a realm higher than yourself. God bless.

  16. LeonSKennedy828 says:

    This is propaganda at its finest.

  17. i luv bacon. vegans u suck! ha MEAT!

  18. iCummins03 says:

    @LeonSKennedy828 yes i totality agree with you

  19. Check out the video I made — The Truth About Nutrition.
    You’ll learn a lot. :o)

  20. ohnoyoudidntx says:

    stop trying to shove your christianity into people’s throats.

    she is atheist . stop trying to change her.
    finding meaning in life is PERSONAL…u found it in christianity, but doesnt mean others will too. everyone has to find their own path.

  21. Hey @Ohnoyoudidntx (cute user name by the way) I definitely respect the choice to choose, heck, there are some countries that are hostile toward Christians and I am blessed to live in a country that is not. I just know what believing in Jesus did for me. By no means was I trying to shove anything down anyone’s throat, but just to share something. Hope you have a great day.

  22. TheJUNGLESURFER says:

    our a great example to others keep truckin

  23. caelestis356 says:

    What’s propagandistic about it?