About three decades ago, a doctor wanted to give overweight patients a safe surgical operation. This prompted him to create a dietary supplement. It worked so well that it lasted for years until now. It then became a full diet program. Up to this day, the dieters who are tired of unsuccessful methods shifted to this modern way to lose weight. It is not because it is a fad. It is a fact- this diet program is approved by the success stories of satisfied dieters and medical experts alike. The dietary supplement made by a doctor about three decades ago is called Medifast, which is now a name for a safe and quick method to lose weight. How safe and quick is it?

While some people are dieting for cosmetic purposes, the primary purpose of losing weight is to stay healthy. Since it is about health, safety must also be a primary concern. Needless to say, starving yourself or not eating breakfast is dangerous to your health. One may become skinny, skinny and unenergetic- a perfect picture of a weak person, which no one wants to have. Some dieters then resorted to pills and other herbal supplements, which can actually be health hazards. Good thing Medifast does not include any herbal supplements. John Hopkins University has conducted numerous scientific studies and proved that this weight loss program is reliably healthful.

Medifast is healthful and safe not only to a limited type of people. It works for all ages. For overweight teens, this weight loss program is perfect. It does not have any hazard to mothers who just gave birth, too. Neither does it give bad side effects to seniors, menopausal women diabetics, and even vegetarians. For menopausal women, the Medifast Plus for Women’s Health is designed for them to maintain their weight loss. For type-2 diabetics, it was clinically proven that this weight loss program can help diabetics lose 200% more weight than with the ADA’s (American Diabetes Association) diet. With the complete variety of low calorie and carb burning meals where dieters can choose from, dieters are very unlikely to quit having this diet plan.

With a guaranteed 2-5 pounds weight loss a week, Medifast is no doubt a quick way to lose weight. By following a daily 6-meal program in one month, a dieter can lose 20 pounds maximum. Especially during the first week with the program, dieters usually lose 5 pounds. In the following weeks, they normally lose 2-3 pounds. In just one month, you can change your lifestyle, you can change yourself! In just one month, you can be the new you- healthier, slimmer, livelier, and lovelier!

Lose weight safely and quickly with Medifast. By effortlessly eating 6 low-calorie, low-sugar, and healthy meals in one day, you will be amazed by up to 20 pounds weight loss in 30 days. Without worrying about side effects, without waiting for a very long time, and without spending a lot of bucks, you can lose weight just by eating the right food from the right diet program.

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