Medical Animation – LDL Cholesterol Experiment in Cinema 4D

26 Responses to Medical Animation – LDL Cholesterol Experiment in Cinema 4D

  1. thexbox360player says:

    I need to join in Animation college. So i need to know about the best animation colleges in India.

  2. Tenguashi says:

    Amaizing. Who u do that 😀 i hav this programme to, but … xD

  3. horacioiabo says:

    outstanding! 5*

  4. ZEATER666 says:

    but u suck at it? me too dont worry

  5. Cezarijus says:

    me 3

  6. ZEATER666 says:

    4real he makes it look easy

  7. ThEaNiMaToRgUrU says:

    where did u get the program

  8. RinoXX says:

    Mograph and an Modified Sheen Shader.. nice ork BUT not quite outstanding!

  9. RinoXX says:

    It is easy!

  10. RinoXX says:

    Maxon Distributes it.

  11. RinoXX says:

    10 to 15 Minutes?

  12. Poketron12 says:

    Nice looking video + motion blur.

  13. gearsofwarfanatic says:

    what program is this?

  14. desderrant says:

    ¢?????????? ??? ?? ????

  15. niiidar says:

    Hmm, I wouldn’t have thought that they used C4D!

  16. Tineafa says:

    That music was funky.

  17. joostul says:

    A lil slower plz? 😀

  18. GTAstuntman101 says:

    it was made with a 4D animation maker

  19. Scriptofmagic says:

    Amazing !

  20. xxxCorruptoRxxx says:

    A tutorial on this would be nice! 😀

  21. cyrusrom says:

    how do you do that make a video how to use cinema 4d.

  22. Bluewhile says:

    you klick above to make a preview oder if its final u render it

  23. cyrusrom says:


  24. cyrusrom says:

    can you be any slowwer

  25. deadsoulonfire says:

    Do you realy think this is a tutorial, haha you’re funny.

  26. bongobl says:

    in cinema 4d, halcome If I set a keyframe for an object’s position on one axis lets say the X axis, it will also set keyframes for the object’s Y and? Z value, How do I add a keyframe for an object’s X value without adding a keyframe for it’s Y and? Z value?

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