Meat Eating vs Vegetarianism

Meat Eating vs Vegetarianism

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7 Responses to Meat Eating vs Vegetarianism

  1. shahedC says:

    He doesn’t eat furniture which is good but he eats: Grass, poo (but I think he’s stopped eating that), vomit, insects, lizards (they make him vomit) and i think he tries to eat frogs. When I say no he’ll obey, walk away then when I’ve turned my back he’s back eating what he was before. What can I do to stop him from eating these (disgusting) things?

  2. harekrishnaworld108 says:

    Great stuff D~ Well researched& presented Xbb HKW108

  3. devarsi says:

    yeah its a good video but made by some other devotees, not me

  4. newusername01ha says:

    amazing video, it should have wayyy more views than this!

  5. Rumproast says:

    Keep in mind we can prevent most if not all these problems just from only consuming grass fed organic/ free range organic animals NEVER supporting commercially farmed animals. Eating sick grain fed animals injected with drugs = sickness. Eating healthy grassfed not drugged = health.

  6. Dissruptance says:

    * An male meat-eater has a 50% chance of dying of a heart attack, compared to virtually no chance for a pure vegetarian .

    That’s not a true, or rather it’s a misleading statistic.

    Us Vegeterians can go on and on about the Health issues, but it only makes a difference to sane people. Morality is what causes people to to morally just things. Convince stupid people as if it’s a simple equation. “You are killing. You don’t need to. You should stop.”
    Stop killing is an easy to remember command

  7. TheAlohaRobert says:

    raw food is the best and u will live longer by eating healthy.

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