1. If I remember correctly maggots have something in them chemically that only breaks down dead tissue.

  2. awfulguitarplucker says:

    yes…Nature is simply perfect…unlike Humans

  3. 0:45
    That’s so freaking amazing.

  4. McConsumer says:

    wow. that was disgusting. but I would also choose to do that in her situation.

  5. love187punk says:

    imagine if those maggots find a way to her brain

  6. Amazing stuff. Hell, I’d BATHE in maggots if it meant saving a limb from getting amputated. Gives you a completely new appreciation for the little creepy-crawlies, doesn’t it?

  7. kerry27xxx says:

    My partner has just had his little toe removed through diabetes it started off as a foot ulcer and then the bone became infected he had the wound for two years before he had to have it amputated and was never offered this treatment.

  8. kerry27xxx says:

    shes a diabetic a simple knock to the foot can cause all sorts of problems

  9. Blackrose456654 says:

    Thats amazing.

  10. chaoswizard1 says:

    we have to accept maggots as a medicine:)

  11. mikikiyora says:

    wow just one day, the maggot becomes that big

  12. asiangangzter says:

    OMG haha i laughed reading your comment

  13. Cephalochordata says:

    Wow! Lookat how well she’s healing some 9 months later.
    I’ll definitely ask for maggot treatment for my next septic wound! 😀

  14. CityHunter84 says:

    what would happen if you could genetically breed maggots to only eat live flesh but also make them 1000 times bigger then release them in a crowded environment, and maybe attach some laser beams to them aswell, good god.

  15. Apparently you didn’t watch the video, because the maggots only eat dead tissue. They do not harm living tissue.

  16. no you can’t. you better not do that.

    The maggots the doctors use are sterile and bred in captivity by clean, non-diseased flies, no contact with any bacteria.

    Maggots in your house? Yeah, they are dirty and infected.

  17. Jakkomies says:

    @awfulguitarplucker Are you refering that humans aren’t part of nature?

  18. awfulguitarplucker says:

    not at all….im simply saying Humans mistook the Nature rules they were conceived for and built other different kinda rules , that someway interfere with Nature rules…so that i said Nature is perfect…while Humans fail to get close to Nature’s own kind of perfection

  19. @awfulguitarplucker give me an example of perfection in nature

  20. thegravediggersdeath says:

    Maggots are great. More useful than people will ever be.

  21. I don’t know what the big deal is. Maggot therapy has been around for centuries although it’s significance wasn’t realized till WW 1. When antibiotics fail to heal a wound maggots often succeed. Old technology that still works.

  22. MJ4everTheKing says:

    XD lol , nice imagination

  23. michaeljjeffrey says:

    best thing I’ve read in a while – lol, so true… At least they accomplish something useful… where as humans are just disgusting… lol.

  24. maggots can only digest flesh that is already being broken down so that is all they eat.

    That’s why they’re safe to use. Disgusting though they are.

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