1. willowsdreams says:

    wooohoooo You made it!!! I’m so proud of you.. where you scared? How are you feeling now? Are you home already? I’m not allowed home for 8 days 🙁 and mine is open…

  2. Aww poor baby-gots some owies! You look great though-honey!! Adorable as always! Thanks for making sure to keep us posted! YAY YOU!


  3. Hi there, I wasn’t to scared. I don’t remember a They sedated me before hand. I am sore, and about 4 hours late on my pain meds. Turns out the liquid Lowertab made me break out in hives from head to toe. I am waiting on the pharmacy now to finish with the new perscription. Other than being in this pain, I am fine. The pain is from being so bloated. 8 days?

  4. I think that what helped me a lot was walking. I walked just as soon as I woke up, 45 minutes after sugery. Walking while your still under the anistisia made it much easier. I am walking a lot at home too. Best wishes to you!! Hang in there:D

  5. Pensionisten says:

    hey barbara =))

    glad to se your smile with all your face, i can defenately se you are excited, if spelled right =))

    see you laters hun =))

  6. Hisdove4ever says:

    YOUCH! But at least you have a good sense of humor about it. 🙂 I’ll be joining you shortly on that looser’s bench.. save room for me! 🙂 Congrats and I’m glad your doing good. I’m praying for you.

  7. SSGLuceyGirl says:

    Welcome home and glad it went well You are in my thoughts Ton of hugs Mel

  8. LeopardJoy says:

    Welp, there you are, sweetie! Finally…now the fun starts 😉 Take it easy…walk when you can, sip that water. This is a PROCESS so you’ll be learning new things every day. If you have pain meds, use them when you need them (don’t be a martyr…if your body isn’t concentrating on PAIN, it will heal faster) Yippee for you! I know you’re very GLAD to be home. Hugs, Joy

  9. waskiewiczrn says:

    So glad to see a video from you!!! I was wondering how you were doing. Every day is better than the last … I promise!

  10. Turns out it was not the liquid lowertab. It was the iodine in the contrast drink they MADE me consume against my wishes for the leak test. UGH.. Just got out of the er… catch up soon… I am fine though!!:D I have hives on top of

  11. Meechermani says:

    I’m so glad that you are on the losing side now!!! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you!!!


  12. I don’t know where all my messages keep going. I had said earlier to keep hanging in there, your day is right around the corner! WIll be prayin for ya:D

  13. Hi Mel..How are you doing?? I have been so wrapped up in this surgery stuff.. I have been thinking of you and your family and wish you the best!! 😀

  14. Yay, that is true. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully more news to report soon.

  15. First they don’t even let you have water or anything until you get testing for leaks, then you have to drink that nasty contrast, not knowing how it will make your tummy feel or how big of a drink you can take then you had hives on top of that?!?! EEEEEKK! Glad you found out!

  16. cherished1961uk says:

    glad you are ok

  17. Honestly, I eat a lot less, and I do walking. I don’t exercize as much as I would like to do to other health issues, or I would have had an even faster loss than the hundred pounds so far.

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