What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty wax lipid that can be found in the cell membranes of humans and animals.

Cholesterol is a tricky little devil, because if it gets out of hand you could have a serious health risk, including heart attack and other potentially fatal conditions. That is why it is so important to have a low cholesterol diet, because it reduces your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol is something you need to avoid. It can cause many conditions including heart disease.

By having a low cholesterol diet, you are less likely to contact heart disease than someone who eats a high cholesterol diet.Well, whether or not you have high cholesterol, eating too many high cholesterol foods will give you high cholesterol. So, manage your diet and eat right, and remember that a low cholesterol diet is important for your health.

Causes, Symptoms of High Cholesterol

Nobody wants High cholesterol. When you hear the dreaded words from your doctor saying you have high cholesterol, you are probably thinking something along the lines of – “Now. I will never be able to eat my favorite food again!” But do not worry, there are many low cholesterol diets that can be good for you and taste well all at the same time. First let’s look at the causes of high cholesterol. In most cases, weight plays a large role in high cholesterol because of the food you eat and the amount of food you eat.

Sometimes it can be as simple as losing a few pounds to lower your cholesterol levels, but other times you simply can do nothing. You lose weight but your cholesterol levels are still the same. This can be an example of hereditary cholesterol, which means your high cholesterol levels could be the result of one of your family members having high cholesterol. A low cholesterol diet will help to keep your cholesterol levels down but it will be harder because it is something in your genes that makes your cholesterol high. Also stress can raise your cholesterol so practicing stress relief is a good idea, and exercise may be the perfect option for you, exercise can both decrease your stress and your cholesterol levels all at the same time.

Symptoms of high cholesterol can be, fatigue, depression and other emotional conditions. A good suggestion when starting a low cholesterol diet would be to avoid fatty, unhealthy foods, like french fries, and other fast foods that are high in cholesterol. Junk food is never good, so when you are trying to stay on a low cholesterol diet, try to avoid these types of foods at all costs. Yes I know you love those kind of foods, but it is not the end of great tasting foods for you yet. Today there are many substitutes for junk foods that can be made right at home with ingredients that will not raise your cholesterol levels.

It is good to go to your local book store and find a low cholesterol diet cookbook, because a lot of the time you can find delicious recipes that are much lower in cholesterol than other foods. For example if you get hungry for french fries while on a low cholesterol diet, consider this – most low cholesterol cookbooks will have a recipe for oven fries. These are a delicious substitute for regular french fries and they taste great! Of course if you cannot find this recipe feel free to go online and find low cholesterol recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

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